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6 Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein

In this article read about 6 Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein . Bloemfontein, the “city of roses” and a Boer stronghold, is the Free State’s capital and its economic and cultural centre. As the seat of the Supreme Court’s Court of Appeal, the city serves as South Africa’s judicial capital. This predominantly modern city is a hub of road and rail traffic and a popular stopover on the journey between the Cape and adjacent provinces due to its central location in the semi-arid highveld.

The city is also a good starting point for exploring other tourist attractions in the Free State. Naval Hill, with its Observatory Theater and wildlife-rich nature reserve, towers over the city to the northeast. There is an excellent art gallery in the city, as well as museums with fascinating exhibits on the region’s cultural and natural history.

Bloemfontein, which translates to “Flower Fountain,” is also home to a lovely botanical garden. Animal lovers can interact with big cats at two popular wildlife parks in the surrounding areas. When the sun goes down, head to the township for a fun evening at the lively K-la-k carwash/restaurant, where you can eat authentic food while having your rental car cleaned.

See our list of the top tourist attractions in Bloemfontein to find the most interesting things to do and plan your sightseeing.

1.Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein | Close-up of a cheetah

Big-cat enthusiasts can interact with cheetahs and other cats at this popular non-profit wildlife sanctuary less than 12 kilometres from Bloemfontein. Depending on the residents at the time, the “See, Sense, Touch” tour includes cuddling with impossibly cute cheetah cubs as well as caracals and servals.

The park also has leopards, lions, and wolves, which avid photographers can photograph up close. The sanctuary’s mission is to save “endangered species through captive breeding and awareness,” and many of the staff are enthusiastic volunteers.

Outdoor tours last 60 to 80 minutes and include a presentation on safety and behaviour guidelines before visitors head off for fantastic wildlife photography and hands-on interactions. Reservations are required.

2. Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein | The lion cub

Bagamoya Wildlife Estate is a must-see for animal lovers. This wildlife park, located about 30 kilometres from Bloemfontein, allows visitors to interact with big cats under the careful supervision of expert staff who love to share their passion for these powerful creatures. Visitors can bottle-feed lion and tiger cubs, pat cheetahs, and even help feed adult lions, depending on the animals in residence at the time.

In addition to big cat interactions, the park has a small zoo with residents such as bat-eared foxes, wallabies, and jackals. Visitors can also go on a guided game drive to see giraffe, zebra, antelope, ostriches, warthogs, and other animals. Overnight stays are available in self-catering chalets. Call ahead of time to confirm feeding schedules and hours of operation. If you want to explore these places or do any fun activities you can book a South Africa trip or stay in a South Africa safari lodge. Live your best life today.

3. Art Gallery Oliewenhuis

The Oliewenhuis Art Gallery, housed in a Cape Dutch mansion. Is named after the wild olive trees that grow on the surrounding hills. The gallery is a satellite of the National Museum in Bloemfontein, and its permanent collection is entirely dedicated to South African art, from old masters to contemporary paintings and sculpture. Thomas Baines, Pieter Wenning, and Willem Coetzer are among the artists. In an underground reservoir, evocative temporary exhibitions are displayed.

After you’ve seen all of the art inside the gallery. Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens to see sculptures of South African historical figures. And explore the 12-acre grounds on several walking trails. This is also an excellent spot for a picnic. You can eat at the on-site Terrace Café, which has outdoor seating.

Don’t miss the colourful carousel, which features mythological themes from both Europe and Africa, representing the country’s multiculturalism.

Bloemfontein’s address is 36 Aliwal Street.

4. Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein | National Botanical Garden of the Free State

The Free State National Botanical Garden, nestled in a gentle valley between dolerite rock outcrops. Immerses visitors in natural landscapes of indigenous forest, grasslands, karee trees, and sculptural wild olive. The 70-hectare garden is home to over 400 different plant species (including roses). Primarily from the Free State, Lesotho, and Northern Cape. The grounds include a well-kept park with a lawn and a lake, but the majority of them are native woodlands.

A replica of an ancient settler’s cottage. A traditional Sotho hut with a herb garden, red-hot pokers native to this region. And a bird hide overlooking the lake are among the garden’s other highlights. Keep an eye out for the park’s small reptiles and mammals, such as mongeese, while exploring the self-guided wilderness trails. Visitors can enjoy a picnic on the beautiful lawns after exploring the park or refuel at the restaurant.

5. Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein | A giraffe at Naval Hill’s Franklin Nature Reserve.

The panoramic views of Bloemfontein are the main attraction at Naval Hill. But the area also has plenty of wildlife and a few other surprises. This gentle hill rising northeast of the city also houses the free Franklin Nature Reserve. Which is home to zebras, springbok, eland, and giraffes, as well as numerous birds. A large statue of Nelson Mandela (eight metres tall) by sculptor Kobus Hattingh is also located on the hill. There are always people paying their respects to this global icon. The statue is located in front of Waaihoek’s Wesleyan Methodist Church. Which was the birthplace of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1912.

Look for the large white horse sculpture on the east side of the hill. Which was built during the Boer War and served as a landmark for the British cavalry. The Orchid House in Hamilton Park, located at the foot of Naval Hill. Houses a collection of hundreds of exotic species of these stunning blooms.

6. Tourist Attractions in Bloemfontein | Planetarium on Naval Hill

Naval Hill Planetarium The former Lamont Hussey Observatory on Naval Hill was rebuilt. And converted into the Naval Hill Planetarium Theatre. The planetarium, which opened in 2013 on Naval Hill within the Franklin Nature Reserve. Is the first digital planetarium in Sub-Saharan Africa. It shows documentaries about stars, planets, and our solar system in its dome theatre. With an impressive surround-sound system and multiple data projectors enhancing the immersive experience.

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