Commonly Asked Questions For Sri Lanka Holidays

No doubt Sri Lanka is called ‘Heaven on Earth.’ And it’s clearly evident when you put your feet on this land. It’s almost everyone’s dream to visit Sri Lanka once in a lifetime as this country is packed to the coastline with a vibrant culture, amazing people, great food and a lot more. When you are planning to explore this place on Sri Lanka holidays, you must have various queries on your mind, which we are going to answer in this blog to help make things easier and make a better decision about Sri Lanka tours.

Is Sri Lanka Safe?

Yes, it is very safe to travel to Sri Lanka. In fact, it is not just a safe place to travel with your family, group or partner, it’s also one of the friendliest countries in the world. The people here are very friendly and welcome global visitors with open hands. Since it has apparent cultural similarities with its big brother, India, Sri Lanka has become the top choice for people looking for the safest travel experience.

Is Sri Lanka Expensive to Travel to?

Not everyone planning for a vacation will have a big budget. This is why it is very common to get concerned about the budget that you need to think about for Sri Lanka tours. But a good thing that you would love to know is that Sri Lanka holidays can be very pocket friendly as it is a budget travel destination. And when you are very low on budget, you can save big by choosing to traveling on local transport and enjoying street food. It will help you save over $25 per day. Why stay at luxurious hotels when you are actually visiting Sri Lanka to enjoy its real beauty? We can say that Sri Lanka has the best of both worlds, and it’s affordable across the board.

Is Sri Lanka Good For Solo Travel?

One of the biggest concerns that might come to the mind of solo travelers is whether visiting Sri Lanka is a safe and good choice for solo travel or not. Well, the answer here is that if you would like to enjoy the local culture, enjoy delicious food and be a part of this place, then solo traveling is the best choice you can make. Many global tourists opt for solo traveling when choosing India holidays or Sri Lanka tours. You will have options to choose the suitable type of accommodation such as dormitory to budget hotels and more. Similarly, you can also enjoy meeting with locals without time constrain as this is a very safe place to visit, making it a great country for solo travel.

When’s the Best Time to Travel Sri Lanka?

Well, if you simply want to enjoy the natural beauty, great cuisine, meet local people and be a part of the local culture, there is no right or wrong time to plan for Sri Lanka holidays. It is always a great time to visit here, but for those who are really looking for the best time to plan Sri Lanka tours, the peak season is October through April. A surprising thing about Sri Lanka is that it has 2 monsoon seasons, so plan in advance. The first monsoon lasts from April/May through to August and the other one happens between October and February. If you love rain and would like to enjoy the best of natural beauty, you must try to visit during monsoon.

Is There Any Need To Apply For Visa To Travel To Sri Lanka?

Generally yes, but a good thing here is that getting a travel visa to Sri Lanka is not a hard nut to crack as it can be easily done online. You would certainly get the visa within a week so make sure to plan things ahead to avoid any hassle. Forgot to get your visa online or don’t know the process? Don’t worry as you can also get Sri Lankan visa on arrival at the airport, which would cost around US$40 in cash. The only hassle here is that you might need to wait in the queues, so better to do it in advance. Don’t worry as there is no tough verification required. You just need to show your hotel bookings and a return ticket to get a visa to explore Sri Lanka as this is a very tourist-friendly country.

Do I Need Vaccination To Visit Sri Lanka?

The world has just started to recover from the century’s biggest pandemic. Getting a vaccination is not just important because you want to get access to Sri Lanka, but also because you want to avoid any kind of infection when you are exploring this country. When you are vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine, you can be confident to visit anywhere and try anything you want when you are in Sri Lanka. And it’s not just about COVID 19 vaccines, the CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Sri Lanka: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, etc. Remember, it’s for your safety.

Final Words

Are you planning to explore a country that is rich in culture and offers endless places to explore? If yes then Sri Lanka holidays can be your ideal choice as this is a cultural-rich country with amazing cuisines to try and endless travel destinations to visit. The important thing here is that you must plan things in advance to avoid any kind of hassle as this is going to be a new place for you. If possible, book an all-inclusive package for yourself so you don’t have to deal with anything when you land here. Of course, it’s not an option for solo or budget travelers. Just pack your bags and start your journey to this beautiful place that is no less than heaven for global tourists.

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