Convert Excel to vCard Files While Selecting The Preferred Version

Do you wish to convert Excel to vCard files ? Are you looking for a terrific way to start the conversion? If so, we must inform you that this post will be of great use to you. We’ve discussed a great way to convert Excel files to VCF that you should look into right now.

User’s Query

Hello, I have tonnes of Excel files containing thousands of critical contacts. I need to convert those Excel contacts to vCard files, but I’m not sure how. I’m seeking for a good solution to convert an Excel file to a vCard format; please recommend one.

Using a professional tool is one of the finest ways to convert Excel contacts to vCard files. Please check the tool we discussed below for the task’s completion immediately away.

A Best Way to Convert Excel to vCard Files

Excel to vCard Converter is the most effective, relatively reliable, and consumer-friendly method for converting Excel files to vCard files. It enables you to convert numerous Excel files simultaneously while preserving all of the data. As the transformation will take place offline, a poor internet connection won’t result in any data loss. Now that you are familiar with the app, let’s speak about how to use it. A step-by-step manual has been provided to assist with this.

Step-by-Step Process to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard / VCF Files

  1. You must first download the Excel on vCard converter to a Windows-compatible device before you can proceed. Install and execute it by following the on-screen instructions to convert Excel to vCard files.
  2. There are two options available when you run the software: Select Files and Pick Folder. You can pick and upload Excel to the tool by clicking on one of them.
  3. Once all of your Excel files have been added to the Excel to vCard converter, you can select which ones to change by checking the appropriate boxes.
  4. Choose vCard as your saving format next. Then navigate to the location where you wish to store your files, make a selection, and then select Save.

The instruction on converting Excel to vCard ends with this step. As soon as the conversion is complete, a notice will show up on the tool’s user interface.

In this manner, the tool functions. Let’s proceed and learn more about it right away. We’ve listed a few of its practical attributes. Please read them to learn why choosing the tool is the best choice for you.

Discover Some Beneficial Functions of the Excel to vCard Converter

  1. Bulk Conversion: With this utility, you can simultaneously convert a large number of Excel files to VCF files. The utility has no restrictions on the files you can select or convert.
  2. Secure: The tools convert Excel to vCard files, but they also manage to do so in a safe manner. It ensures that nothing is lost during the conversion and maintains all of the functionality.
  3. Preview Features: The tool lets you thoroughly preview Excel files. Before converting the files to vCard, you can double-check the files using the reader tool that is already incorporated into the program.
  4. Versions of vCard Files that are Supported: The application can convert Excel contacts to any version of vCard files. To save your Excel contacts, you can select between versions 4.0, 3.0, and 2.1 of vCard.
  5. Choose a Destination Path: The Excel to vCard converter gives you the option to select the location for the produced files rather than requiring you to utilize the default path.
  6. Selection Method: The tool offers two modes for selecting Excel before converting it to vCard. A single Excel file or a folder containing many Excel files are both options.
  7. Operating Systems (OS) Supported: The Excel to vCard converter is compatible with Windows devices. You can also use any of Windows variations to complete the task.


You may now put any concerns you may have about the format to rest by converting an Excel file to a VCF file. The best tool for the job has been provided to you. The Excel to VCF Converter is a multifunctional tool with many useful features. Excel can be converted in groups. If you’re looking for a simple and fast way to convert Excel to vCard files, use the utility.

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