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How Can You Tell if Someone has Bought instagram Followers?

With the advent of a huge number of followers on Instagram, the competition on this platform is fueled as well. People are continuously running in the race of being popular on this platform and leaving no stone unturned to get the max attention from their audience. In this situation where everyone is trying to leave others behind, buying growth services has become a very common practice. Brands just create their business profile one day and start getting the maximum number of interactions with buy Instagram likes, no matter if they have displayed any content or not, they would have likes on them just because they bought instagram followers.

This practice is pretty much justifiable for the brands who are doing really well with the creation of their content. But they don’t get that much popularity because of the low visibility of their content. And what about the brands that are not posting anything that get them so popular. But still they are popular having a huge number of followers and interactions on their Instagram profile?

In this blog, we are going to discuss the ways which help us identify that if someone has bought fake followers on their Instagram account. So, Let’s get started…

Is Instagram cleaning fake followers?

That’s true Instagram doesn’t support accounts that go against the regulations of their community guidelines. Buy Instagram auto likes, followers, or any other growth service is considered fraudulent activity and it is highly punished by this platform when recognized. Instagram start blocking those accounts that it found involved in activities like this. Initially, the warnings are sent to the person who is committing this but if they keep on doing the same then their account may get banned, blocked, or even deleted by Instagram even without sending them any further notice.

How to tell if someone has bought instagram followers?

As I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to identify who is genuinely growing on this platform by creating compelling content and building real connections with the people on this platform. Also, who is the one who is just getting a high number of followers and interactions but you can’t see anything attractive in their content? Now we are going to get into further details of other methods to find out if someone has buy Instagram auto likes UK any growth service or not.


The manual check of the followers can take too long because you have to check every single detail about the performance of a profile only then you can evaluate the results:

Take a look at the followers

The first thing that helps you to identify if someone has bought fake followers, you can easily predict that by looking at their follower count. You only have to compare the quality of content. That they are producing with the number of interactions and follower counts they have. If both of the things match that means they are genuinely making progress on this platform but if they don’t resonate with the quality of the content that they have on their profile it means they have bought fake followers.

Pay attention to the following list of that account

Another main thing to identify the buying followers on your account is by looking at the number of accounts that are being followed by that specific person. If they are following so many accounts on Instagram that means they are getting followers in return for following other people. And if they don’t have followed many people that means they have bought followers for their Instagram account.

What is going on in the comment section?

This is another efficient way to find out if a person has bought fake followers or not. Just go to the comment section of the post which has the most likes on it. If you see natural interaction on this post from the people then their follower count will make sense. But what if they don’t have so many comments or the likes. They have been the standard phrases that are not looking natural. It simply says that they have bought fake followers. Instagram profile downloader is the best tool that helps you get detailed information about any profile you want.

Check the dynamics of their “Likes”

Another important way to find out if a person has purchased the growth service or not is by looking at the number of likes they get on every single of their post. If one of their posts has a hundred likes but the other has thousands of likes. It may be due to they have bought the likes on that specific post. But if the number of likes is uniformly equal on all of their posts. That means they are genuinely getting followers and likes from the people.

Look at the view and likes of the video content

This is also very helpful in finding out if a person is having fake followers. Just go to the profile of that person and find out the video of that account. Here you can compare the number of views with the number of likes.. If the number of likes and views are equally balanced that means they are genuine. And if both of these quantities are different for example the number of likes is far more than the number of views or vice versa. Then it is clear that they have bought fake followers.

Wrap up

So, all the above-mentioned ways can be very helpful for you in finding out if an account has purchased fake followers or not. And the good thing is that you can do all this manually without taking the assistance of any third-party app.

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