How to interface PLC with SCADA or HMI?

With little input from the operator, computers are getting better at tasks like conducting operations automatically, interpreting data, and gathering information. Automation is increasing day by day.

All of this is due to the systems like SCADA and the goods like PLCs or HMIs, which collaborate to boost productivity, enhance safety, and collect all necessary data from the field. Every day, these systems get better.

A Brief Overview of PLC, SCADA, and HMI

What is a PLC?

An industrial computer called a programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is used to manage a single production line, a set of machines

An industrial computer called a PLC lacks a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Given that it is an industrial computer the general computer has created a logical programme to control the process.

Then cables are used to transfer this software to the PLC. The PLC memory houses this programme. A programming language known as Ladder logic, Statement List, or Functional block diagram is used to create the logical programme.

A software is written such that those with an electrical or instrumentation background can grasp it with ease.

Many inputs and outputs are seen on a programmable logic controller. A PLC uses input terminals to monitor the status of switches and sensors. Based on that status, it sends commands to the output devices via output terminals.

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What is SCADA?

Supervisory control and data acquisition is referred to by the term SCADA. As its name says, SCADA primarily performs three tasks:

  • Control graphical presentations of real-time data.
  • local or distant areas to control industrial processes
  • Get both logs and real-time data.

An essential component of any industrial organization is a SCADA system. Since it helps to control processes, monitor process data, and quickly identify any problems, minimizing downtime.

In general, SCADA is an integrated software suite that aids in monitoring the entire plant area. Starting with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Remote Terminal Units, the SCADA’s basic architecture is established (RTUs).

We all know that PLCs and RTUs are types of microprocessors that interact with field devices including valves, pumps, sensors, HMIs, and other end points. All of this data is routed through these devices from end points to SCADA systems.

In order to help the operator better comprehend the field status, SCADA software then distributes and displays the data on the monitor.

What is HMI?

HMI (Human Machine Interface) is use to communicate with individual machines or groups of equipment in a factory or production area.

  • The primary uses of HMI are
  • to keep track of or depict the process
  • to enforce process control
  • to see patterns, alerts, etc.

HMI may take the shape of an integrated screen on a machine, a computer, a tablet, etc., but its goal is still the same: to allow humans to interface with machines.

How SCADA, HMI, and PLC Work Together

The easiest way to think of SCADA is as the central database that houses and manages all of your operations. The system functions and communicates within the operating environment thanks to this communication with the PLC.

The SCADA-PLC system may have an HMI, which could be in the form of a screen, buttons, levers, or a keyboard, allowing people to interact with it. For example, machines used in factories, computers, and automobiles. HMIs play a crucial role in providing information to the operator in industrial manufacturing. Any problems that PLC system found with the SCADA system, which then presents them to the human operator through the HMI to fix it.


As stated, the purpose of SCADA and HMI systems is to gather and display certain data, respectively. A PLC acts as a link between the process and its control since it is an industrial computer. As a result, PLCs are frequently use in combination with SCADA and HMI systems. Every sort of industry uses an HMI, and we even have one in our homes in the shape of a tablet or monitor.

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