How to send an email to notify new employee or hires

An email introducing a new employee to their team, their particular department, or the entire company is a new employee announcement email.

Is it a good idea to email employees announcing a new hire?

Announcing a new hire is an essential step in the onboarding process. It keeps communication open and increases transparency within the company. But it also provides value for all involved:

They’re joining a team! An early, thoughtful announcement can avoid awkward situations between the new hires and their team. People won’t be surprised by the sudden appearance of a new employee introduction email or a new manager because they will know who they are and what it’s about. This also prepares employees for a new boss or senior member of the team.

The new hire: This makes them feel part of the team. It helps them with their onboarding and encourages other employees to reach out to them, welcome them, and introduce them to the company.

The whole company: This is a great time to celebrate the growth and addition of new talent!

Who should the email announcing an employee be sent to?

Depending on how you want to announce the new team member, you have several options.

The CEO Traditionally, the CEO announces new hires for leadership positions or higher-ranking roles. This gives the CEO a chance to present a vision of how the new role as a leader can help drive growth and change within their company and help them achieve their goals and objectives. This is often an ideal fit for small, close-knit companies.

The hiring manager: Although it is similar to the previous reasons, having the department head announce a new employee’s arrival can help with team building. This is a good fit for those departments with tight-knit or sensitive teams. Also, suppose you’ve hired an external rather than an internal candidate. In that case, this could be a great fit if there hasn’t been a new hire in the department or your reorganization is underway.

Human Resources/Talent: This is the best source for announcements of new hires. It’s also best if you announce new hire classes in large numbers. We love collaborating with HR/talent departments to create a new employee announcement campaign. These emails can be the most engaging pieces from these departments. This is a moment of celebration for the team, and the email template should reflect that!

The new hire: You can collaborate with the new hire to make an introduction or announcement email from them. This is a great way to personalize emails, and it is beneficial for new CEOs. This is also where new hires can show their personality. You can include family photos and add GIFs/videos to create a visual representation that reflects who they are and what they want to do for the company.

To whom should I send my new hire announcement email?

It all depends on the organization, its size, how many people you have, and its culture. For example, while some companies prefer to email the whole company to introduce themselves, others prefer to be more specific. These organizations may send introductory emails to C-suite executives, senior hires or when a new division is established.

Larger companies with more than 5,000 employees may have multiple locations or buildings. They may not send out new hire announcements to people who “run into that person in a hallway,” as they say. Smaller companies may wish to be prominent whenever a new employee is hired. They may also send a press release or introduction to customers.

 Many customers also include announcements about new hires in their monthly newsletters.

 It doesn’t matter what; it is always a good idea for any employee to be directly involved with the new hire to include them!

What information should I include in an email announcing a new employee?

These are some of our favourite classic and creative elements you can include in your emails.

Name, job title, address, and start date of the new employee

The department/team they will be joining.

A succinct description of their history and experience

Reiterate context (why the position was opened to you and your vision)

They’ll be working on a significant project or some exciting projects.

Why are you excited to have them join the team?

Visual elements: Headshots, photos, family photos, favourite GIFs, or an intro video.

A few fun facts about them, such as their favourite foods, last vacation, Netflix viewings, and family details that they are comfortable sharing.

A message from the new employee

Links to employee’s social media profiles (if public, professional, or if they are willing to share)

How can the team receive them/contact them?

You’re final thoughts and a warm greeting message

It is strongly recommended that personal information be included in any email. However, before sending, make sure to check with the new hire. It is best not to include personal information, such as their home address, cell phone number, or personal information they don’t want to share.

Subject line ideas for employee announcement emails

  • Welcoming to the team, [new employee’s name]
  • A warm welcome to [new employee]
  • At [company name] are new faces
  • Meet our new hires
  • Meet our new [job title]

Announcement for new hires

We are proud to introduce our new [job title]

We are honored to be your new (insert name here)!

Best practices for employee announcement emails

To ensure that your email is effective when introducing a new employee to your team, here are some things to remember.

It should be sent a few days before the new hire’s start date. This will give everyone enough time to read it and prepare for the new addition. You can also add the new employee to your recipients to tell them what you said about them. This will make them less anxious on their first day.

A photo/headshot is a great idea. A photo of the new employee can help you put a face on the name. This will help them recognize the new employee and make their welcome easier on their first day.

PROOFREAD YOUR EMAIL, particularly the employee’s title, and name! It’s worse than being introduced incorrectly to your team. If they prefer a different name, be sure to let them know! We’ve seen teams add links to the new hires LinkedIn profiles or audio files that include the correct pronunciation of their name and information about pronouns.

If the role is new to the company, provide additional context! This will allow the team to understand their roles and help them see the big picture.

If your remote employee is joining the company, inform your team when and where they will first arrive in the office.

This is a great way to announce internal promotions or lateral moves. It’s also a great way to reintroduce them to your team or introduce them to a new team who might not be familiar with them.

Include a friendly call to action and contact information for your team members (such as the email address, Slack handle, etc.)

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