How to Split CSV into Multiple Files? The Best Answer

Read this post to learn how to split CSV into multiple files in a few easy steps. This detailed guide will show you how to split a CSV file into numerous files while preserving the original data structure. Scroll down the page to find your ideal answer.

Why Break Up a Big CSV File Into Multiple Files?

“Why should I split a large Excel file into several smaller files?” you may be asking. The answer is intriguing, especially given that Excel’s spreadsheet row limit is 1,048,576.

Over a million rows seem incredible. However, exceeding the row limit is simpler than you might imagine, particularly while performing specific chores. For instance, you could bring in a CSV file containing a million email addresses if you’re doing email marketing.

The only issue is how to handle a spreadsheet that contains that many addresses. What if an individual sends you a CSV from another program that has already exceeded the limit?

If that sounds like a problem you’ll probably run across, have a look at the best method for dividing a huge CSV or Excel file into several smaller files below.

A Best Way to Split CSV into Multiple Files

PCDOTS CSV Splitter Tool is a safe and well-known utility for splitting CSV files into several files. This application accepts CSV files from Gmail, Outlook, or any other account. This application is limitless and can split a big number of CSV files at once.

This program is loaded with features and provides you with many fantastic and advanced functions to make your job easier. We’ve included detailed instructions below to show you how to use the tool. Please have a look.

Step-by-Step Guide to Split CSV File into Multiple Files

  1. Download, install and launch CSV Splitter Tool on your Windows device.
  2. Click the Open button and then click the Choose files or Choose folders option.
  3. Browse CSV files or folders and import them into the software.
  4. Once all the CSV files or folders have been imported into the tool, you can review them.
  5. Now, click the Action button and select the Split CSV Files option.
  6. Click Browse and to browse and select the location for the output files.
  7. Finally, click the Save button to split CSV into multiple files.

So, with the software, you can split CSV files into numerous files, which appears to be much easier. We’ve also listed the tool’s advantages below; please have a look.

Learn more about the CSV Splitter Tool

(1) The app is designed with the simplest interface so that it can be easily used by any user regardless of their technical or non-technical background.

(2) The app has no limits and you can split multiple CSV files at the same time. When splitting many CSV files, you won’t encounter any slow process or restrictions.

(3) The app gives you two options to select CSV data to convert. You can select CSV files or you can select CSV folders. The folder option is suitable if you want to split CSV into multiple files in bulk.

(4) It is 100% secure and maintains the overall quality of your CSV files during the splitting process. You will now find any modifications to your original data structure.

(5) The tool does not force you to save the resulting files to predetermined locations. Instead, it allows you to select your referrer location to save the smaller CSV files.

(6) It is completely standalone and does not force you to download additional settings between tasks. The tool is the only program you need to carry out the complete task.

Frequent Questions

Question 1: Can I run the software on MacBook?

A: CSV Splitter Tool is only compatible with Windows devices. You cannot run it on Mac devices, instead you can run it on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and earlier editions.

Question 2: Can I use the software for free?

A: Yes, the app can initially be used for free. It comes with the demo version that allows you to split only 10 CSV files. After that you can proceed with the license key.

Question 3: I have so many duplicates in my CSV files. Can I use the tool to remove duplicate from CSV files too?

A: If you want to remove duplicates from CSV files, you can use our best CSV Duplicate Remover tool, which is available for free.

In Conclusion

We have given you the best method to split CSV into multiple files. The suggested CSV Splitter Tool is all in one and offers you many great benefits. It is available for free and can be downloaded from the link above. We suggest you download the tool now and start splitting your CSV files

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