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Important Tips For Buying Good Quality Bath Towels

Which bath towel is best for your bathroom? We can understand it is not an easy thing to pick the best one from the shopping mall. But, if you know the primary factor of bath towels, it will be easy to select the best material bath towels. 

Do you know that there are different types of bath towels? Each towel has a specific purpose. This article will discuss the fabric, construction, size, and weight of the towel. So, let’s go down to learn the essential tips for buying the best quality bath towels. 

Important Tips For Buying Good Quality Bath Towels

Havly founder and CEO Raman Kia suggested considering the 3S– Speed, size, and softness. 

Speed- you always want to dry your towel faster. Kia says, “It’s better if your towel dries faster since wet towels are magnets for germs and bacteria,”

Size- Bathroom size, dryer, and height are important factors to consider. 

Softness- don’t use rough bathroom towels. Softness and plush is determined by which type of fabric is used to make it. 

Along with these, you should consider more elements that make a towel long-lasting. According to industry experts, here is what you should look after:

1. Bath Towel Materials

Fabric or materials are the basics required to be considered before you buy a bath towel. Here are the most common bath towel materials: 


The most demanding fabric is cotton. However, there are different types of cotton used to make towels. Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Turkish cotton, and Organic cotton are the types of cotton fabric that are popular in the towel industry. 

Each type of cotton has different features. This is the reason fabric fc the price of the towel. 


Linen is a lightweight alternative to cotton. This breathable fabric absorbs quickly. 


Microfiber is the latest invented fabric. It is composed of super fine synthetic fibers. This fabric is known for its durability and smooth texture. 


The last is the eco-friendly option. Bamboo fabric is soft, but it takes time to dry completely.

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2. The Construction Of The Towel

The second factor is the construction of the bath towel. Now you know the different types of fabrics and their features, so, let’s move on to the construction of the towel. Here is the famous towel construction making- Combed cotton, Terrycloth, Zero-twist fibers, Ringspun cotton, and Waffle weave. 

Each construction technique is different. Therefore, each technique competes with the other. When you look at a towel, make sure you go through the details that are mentioned in the packaging. 

3. The Size Of The Towel

There are different types of trowel size is available in the market. Are you confused about which size you will get in your bathroom? Yes, it is very easy to mix them up. Both towels are standard between 27″ x 52″ to 30″ x 56″. 

Whereas bath sheets are larger between 35″ x 60″ to 40″ x 70″. It will be better to use a bath sheet to cover the greater surface. Parachute founder Ariel Kaye says, “The weight of the towel, the density of the loops, and the thickness of the yarns determine the overall weight of a towel,” also added, “The heavier the yarn and closer the loops, the greater the weight of the towel.”

However, Low GSM is super cool for use in the gym. According to the micro cotton team, the higher the towel’s GSM, the better performance you will get. 

4. The Thickness Of The Towel

You may think that there is a direct relation between the thickness and the ability of the absorbs. Then you might be wrong because there is not any correlation. Many users have one common complaint about the towel’s thickness. 

This is the reason it has been said that a lightweight towel is better than a heavy-weight bath towel. However, if you prefer to buy a thinner towel, then let you know that a thinner towel will dry faster, but it can’t absorb water properly.

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5. Bath Towel Absorbency

 Danielle Dorn, creative director of Under the Canopy, “When thinking about absorbency, the priority is 100 percent cotton.” Yes, if you buy a cotton towel, it will be better to get the best satisfaction. 

The cotton towel is the best fabric in terms of quality and sustainability. Quick dy is always desirable, and you will get a cotton fabric towel. 

Final Words

Now, you know the materials, thickness, weight, and size of the towels. When you buy a bath towel, always keep in mind the materials, size, weight, and thickness. 

 Identifying high-quality bath towels which will give you better service. As a consumer, we have an essential requirement that is quick dry. 

In that case, a cotton fabric bath towel is best. Still, if you have any queries, you can raise your question in the comments section.

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