Importing Multiple Email Files into Microsoft Outlook all versions

Do you find the procedure of converting Email files into Microsoft Outlook to be difficult to implement? It is understandable that most consumers are unfamiliar with file converting methods. The requirement for data transfer from one location to another does not arise on a daily basis. If you’re having a similar problem, this blog is the best place to look for a solution. Let’s take a closer look at the scenario!

EML and Microsoft Outlook Explained in Detail

EML is a file format for storing single email files in plain format. The title and message content body are included in the file format. EML is supported by email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others, and can be used to store a single email file. Outlook, on the other hand, is a multi-purpose email platform that includes features such as contact management, calendaring, task management, journaling, and note-taking. All of these items are saved in PST format in Microsoft Outlook.

If you want to open EML files in Microsoft Outlook, you won’t be able to do so directly. To open EML files in Outlook, you must first convert them to the PST file format. We’ll go over both the manual and professional methods for importing numerous EML files into MS Outlook in this blog. Continue reading the blog until the end to get all of the details. Expert suggestion for EML to PST Converter is the best choice,

Import Email Files into Microsoft Outlook in a Manual Way

To import numerous EML files into Outlook, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Thunderbird and Import EML Files.

  1. Look for the location of your EML mailbox on your computer.
  2. After that, open the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  3. Now, you’ve already logged in to Thunderbird, you may skip this step.
  4. If you wish to keep EML files distinct in Thunderbird, make a new folder. you want to save the EML files in the default folders, skip this step.
  5. Now drag the EML files to the Thunderbird folder that you want to import into Outlook.

Step 2: Modify your Gmail account’s IMAP settings.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account by typing into any web browser.
  2. After that, go to Settings and follow the steps below:
  3. View all settings>> POP/IMAP and Forwarding>> Enable IMAP>> under “IMAP Access.” Changes are saved.

Step 3: Set up your Thunderbird account with your Gmail ID.

  • Start the Mozilla Thunderbird email client once more.
  • Then, Select File>> New>> Existing Mail Account from the File menu.
  • Fill in all of the relevant Gmail account details, such as email ID, password, and name, in the new Setup Windows.
  • To confirm, use the Continue button.
  • The Thunderbird and Gmail accounts have been merged.
  • Now, move all of your EML files from Thunderbird to your Gmail account.

Step 4: In Outlook, set up your Gmail account.

Finally, open the Microsoft Outlook application on the same computer. Import needed EML files from Gmail to Outlook after merging the Gmail ID with Outlook.

You may now open EML files in the Outlook interface without any difficulty.

The Manual Approach is Coming to an End

We’ve spoken about how to manually import Email files into Microsoft Outlook. Without a doubt, the method is free, but it is not the first choice of professionals. Although a manual technique can be beneficial, it necessitates a large number of email applications throughout the conversion process. If you don’t have access to all of these email platforms, it’s not a good idea. Users must also have adequate technical understanding, or else they risk losing critical data.

Manual methods are appropriate for users who are capable of dealing with all technological concerns and disruptions. If you don’t have any prior experience with the issues we’ve discussed, we propose that you use a professional technique rather than a manual one.

Professional Eml To Pst Converter – One Hour Requirement

CubexSoft EML to PST Converter is an excellent program for converting EML files to PST files and saving them in the Outlook interface. The software delivers 100% accurate and guaranteed results for the query of how to import numerous EML files into Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. The EML to PST conversion application provides a quick solution without causing any modifications to the email settings or folder hierarchy.

It is developed by experienced developers after a thorough examination of the market for user demand. Every file conversion necessity has been checked using the software. It offers all of the necessary tools and settings for converting Email files into Microsoft Outlook with ease. The software comes in two versions: a license edition and a demo version. You can try the EML to PST Converter demo edition to see how the software works. You can receive access to the licensing edition after testing the tool’s performance. The demo version allows you to convert up to 25 EML files to PST files for free.


In conclusion, many customers complain that transferring EML files in the Outlook interface is difficult. This is due to a lack of information and access to appropriate tools. We’ve been working hard to provide relevant information for resolving file converting issues. We strive to accomplish the same in this post by offering both a manual and a professional method of exporting EML files to PST format. You can use any of the methods depending on your available resources, knowledge, and database size.

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