Mamdoh Bastorous’s Approach To Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement involves looking at all the parts of a process and figuring out how to make them work better together. This may involve changing the way things are done, such as by rearranging the steps in a process or replacing some of the steps using new technology. Business process improvement aims to make things run more smoothly, reduce costs, and improve quality. Businesses can work more efficiently and achieve better results by making improvements to a process. Mamdoh Bastorous, however, presents five methods for business process improvement in this article.

1. Lean Six Sigma: 

Lean Six Sigma is a way to do that. It’s like a special tool that businesses can use to improve their processes. It helps them find and fix problems to make their products or services better and more valuable for their customers. Consider first identifying and eliminating waste, reducing variability, and improving quality to increase efficiency and reduce costs. 

It helps businesses improve their processes by taking out anything that’s not important. Therefore, It involves using data to identify problems and find ways to fix them. Therefore, here are some tips from lean six sigma for business process improvement.

  • Identify and understand the root cause of problems and how they can be prevented.
  • Develop a strategy to deal with the underlying issue.
  • Track the results as you carry out the plan of action.
  • Revise the plan of action as needed.
  • Continuously improve the process to achieve desired results.

2. Total Quality Management (TQM): 

Total Quality Management (TQM) ensures that everything you do is focused on making the best product or service possible. It focuses on customer satisfaction, employee involvement, and continuous improvement. You’re always listening to what they want, involving everyone who works with you, and looking for ways to improve things. 

That way, your customers will be happy and return for more. By working as a team, you can ensure that everyone is doing their job correctly. And that problems are addressed quickly. However, here are some tips for total quality management in business process improvement

  • Define the customer’s needs and wants clearly and concisely.
  • Maintain a record of the tasks that have been completed and those that remain.
  • Use standardized processes and methods to improve workflow.
  • Train employees in how to do their jobs more effectively.
  • Evaluate process improvements regularly to measure their effectiveness.

3. Business Process Reengineering (BPR): 

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is an approach to business process improvement that focuses on completely changing how things are done. Moreover, it involves looking at all the parts of the process and figuring out how to make them work better together. 

This can involve making big changes, like changing the order of the steps in the process. Furthermore, he goal is to make the process more efficient and effective, reduce costs, and improve quality. However, here are some tips for business process reengineering business process improvement.

  • Define the problem: What are the business processes that need improvement?
  • Analyze the process: What are the steps in the process?
  • Find the gap: Which stage of the process takes the longest?
  • Remove the gap: What can speed up the process step?
  • Test and improve: How can the process be monitored to ensure that it is improved?

4. Kaizen: 

Kaizen is an approach to business process improvement that focuses on making small, continuous improvements to a process. It involves everyone who works on the process, from the owner to the employees. Hence, it also involves teamwork and communication. This means that everyone working on the process is encouraged to work together and communicate.

By working as a team, you can ensure that everyone is making small daily improvements. It is a way to make continuous, small improvements to a process. Moreover, businesses can improve their operations by focusing on teamwork, communication. And small daily changes and achieve better results over time. Meanwhile, here are a few tips for kaizen for business process improvement:

  • Make a plan – Take the time to create an action plan for process improvement. You can plan ahead and monitor your progress by doing this.
  • Establish baselines – Establish baseline data to measure progress. This will help you track your success and identify areas of improvement.
  • Test and learn – Actively test and learn new techniques. This will help you find new ways to improve the process and save time.
  • Continuously improve the process to ensure it is always effective and efficient.
  • Celebrate accomplishments—Celebrate your progress. This will motivate you to carry on and enhance the procedure even further.

5. Agile: 

Agile is an approach to business process improvement that focuses on flexibility and adaptability. Hence, it involves breaking down a project into smaller parts and making necessary changes to improve the outcome.

Agile is a way to continuously improve a process by working in short sprints and getting feedback. Businesses can improve their operations and achieve better results by breaking down a big project into smaller pieces. Additionally, here are some agile tips for enhancing business processes.

  • Know how to understand agile first.
  • Create a plan for implementing agile in your business.
  • Train your team on the benefits of agile, and how to use it in their work.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your agile implementation, and make improvements where necessary.
  • Enjoy your achievements and take lessons from your mistakes.


Business process improvement is how businesses improve how they do things. It involves looking at processes and finding ways to make them more efficient, effective, and profitable. Businesses can continuously improve and provide better products and services to their customers. Moreover, businesses can achieve better results over time by focusing on teamwork and communication and making small changes every day.

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