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P Shaped Baths Vs. Straight Baths – Which One is a Better Choice?

P shaped baths can be a great addition to your bathroom. These are shower bathtubs that combine both a shower and a bath into a single unit. Regardless of the popularity of shower enclosures, bath lovers would not bargain with them for any other thing. However, despite having a bath, many people don’t have time for daily baths. So, you want baths sometimes and a shower every day as it is quicker. That means you will need a shower too. But since most people don’t have enough space in bathrooms for a separate shower, a bathtub that can offer both without requiring extra space can be a blessing. 

A p-shaped bath is one such bathtub that is designed for a shower and a bath while using minimal space in the bathroom. If you are looking for a bathtub, the other option is a straight bath. But what is the difference between them? You should know about it before planning to have one for your bathroom. 

Difference Between P-Shaped and Straight Baths

There is the following difference between a p shaped and a straight baths

  1. Shape

The major difference between a p-shaped bath and a straight bath is their shape. This is shaped according to the alphabet “p”. So, so these look like it. One of its sides is round to let you have a spacious shower. . 

Contrary to the straight bath, we see a standard bath in family bathrooms. Choose a single-ended or a double-ended straight bath, So, depending on the type, it has the bath filler in the middle or on the one end. Such standard baths are common and extensively installed in the UK. 

  1. Functionality. 

Both p-shaped baths and straight baths are great options for your bathroom. However, the purpose of the use is different, as explained earlier. You should prefer a p-shaped shower bath if you are looking for a combo of bath and shower in a single unit. Alternatively, you can a straight bath is a standard option that you can find in most bathrooms, as discussed earlier. this is only a bath design. Interestingly, many people try installing a shower on one end of the bath, which can be don’t easily. However, it will not provide a great shower experience as you can have a specially designed shower bathtub. 

  1. Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, there is a significant difference between a p-shaped bath and a straight bath. So, there is not much you can do with it to improve the overall looks of your space. However, a p-shaped bath, on the other hand, is more attractive to look at. It can help you enhance your bathroom décor with its sophisticated and elegant appearance. You will need to use a shower screen on one side that will improve its functionality and looks at the same time. So, if you are after creating a contemporary bathroom, then a shower bath in a p shape should be your preferred choice. 

  1. Use of Space

Both p-shaped and straight baths are compact design that is great for space-saving purposes. These are fitted baths which are always a better choice when you don’t have much space. However, since a p-shaped bath may have a slightly bigger round shape at one of its ends, therefore may require a few inches of extra space to fit in. However, generally, such change would not make much difference in space. 

  1. Add On Features. 

As already discussed, the p-shaped bath is a perfect contemporary and modern-style bathtub. However, that does not mean you can not fit it to support traditional décor. Perhaps both of these can be used for any décor with few add on. For example, add modern bathtub fillers and shower heads if you want a contemporary-looking bathroom. You can also add a stylish bathtub screen to avoid splashes and make it more streamlined. It can be the same use of bath taps with a straight bathtub too. 

  1.  Price

There is no huge gap between the prices of shower baths and straight baths. However, both these bath types of available in a diverse price range. Perhaps, there are budgets where different ranges are available at similar prices. However, generally, the price that you should expect to pay for a p-shaped shower bath will be a bit more than a straight bath. But in case you are choosing an acrylic bath, it can depend on the bathtub. So, the difference may be around £50 to £100 is enough to consider. 

Final Thoughts.

Both a p-shaped bath and a straight bath can be great depending on the type of use and bathroom requirements. A shower bath is generally considered a better choice as it allows you to take a shower or a bath, depending on your mood. In addition to that, it is contemporary and makes your space look luxurious.

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