Purchase-sale of tax deductions for R&D&i activities: a solution to obtain financing

Discover the details of tax deductions for R&D

Tax I am not interested in tax deductions for R&D&i activities, because my company is not in profit”. This is a very recurrent phrase in companies.

Sell ​​my tax deductions, is it possible?

1. Contact between the company that wants to sell and the one that wants to buy.

3. Carry out the operation with a return of 1.20 or 1.25%.

This purchase and sale of deductions.

whose more technical name is “transfer of tax deductions for R&D&i activities”, has a simple mechanism in the Provincial Treasury.

How can I do it if my company is in the Treasury of the Common Territory?

This mechanism is somewhat more complex in the Treasury of the Common Territory.

To carry out the transaction, an intermediate figure is needed.

which is an AIE (Economic Interest Grouping) and profitability is not delimited. 

Thanks to this structure, the company that carries out the project (seller of the deductions) obtains financing and profitability that can be around 25% and the companies that are interested in taxrelief deductions obtain a financial return of around 120%.

How to better position your organization among the main innovation players in the EU?

All the advantages of European Positioning.

a service run by our office in Brussels, made up of a team with extensive experience in the ecosystem of European R&D&I funding programs

Zabala Innovation is a leading international consulting firm specializing in innovation strategy and financing of R&D&i. 

We support organizations in their innovative drive to make it the key factor of their competitiveness.

One of its services is European Positioning. 

Our presence in the capital of the EU.

and our constant collaboration with European institutions in the design, implementation, and management of various international initiatives.

Our experience in financing European projects.

And our participation in key events provides us with a unique know-how and important competitive advantage to effectively advise and position our clients.

Accompanied organizations

The EU’s research and innovation programs bring together the most innovative, and competitive.

And excellent organizations from across the continent and represent a unique opportunity to transform ambitious ideas into funded projects that pave the way to overcome the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Identifying and understanding the most suitable financing opportunities is only part of the process.

 It is also crucial to find the best possible partners to collaborate in the execution of these projects. 

As in any field, a series of key players lead the way.

Organizations that have acquired extensive experience in defining consortiums and excellent project proposals.

They are crucial to be able to build collaborations with the most active and experienced organizations in each sector and benefit from the largest possible number of funding opportunities.

Zabala Innovation, a good travel companion

Give us an excellent overview of the entire ecosystem of EU-funded programs.

We do this on your behalf: 

Our ultimate goal is to act as your organization’s representative for all aspects of EU-funded programs in the heart of the EU district in Brussels.

Abraham Lincoln used to say, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree.

And I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 

Preparation and experience are the keys to success. 

For decades, Zabala Innovation has helped organizations define effective strategies to position themselves in strategic sectors of interest.

Making it possible to approach their main stakeholders and facilitate their inclusion in EU projects with the most active actors.

How can the European Positioning service benefit your organization?

The European Positioning service aims to be a preparatory action, lasting between one and two years.

For those organizations that want to become relevant and interesting actors and, in the near future.

promote their own project ideas and create consortia. 

For those cases in which the organization does not have a representation in Brussels, Zabala Innovation Europe assumes this function.

 If you already have a dedicated team on the ground, our service significantly strengthens your business. In this process, our approach allows us to provide multiple benefits to your organization:

New strategic collaboration sectors

  • We help clients to expand their international network of contacts.
  • Reaching the main EU players in the different fields of action and establishing collaborations at the head of the identified strategic sectors.

  • Our constant support helps organizations optimize their innovation financing strategies.
  • Thus obtaining a better idea of ​​how to align their strategic areas of activity with the priorities of the European Commission.

  • We identify and contact the most relevant people responsible for defining the EU’s work programs and regulations to keep you up to date with the latest developments.
  • We are constantly working to improve your participation in projects promoted by European coordinators in strategic sectors of interest.

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