Remove All Metadata from PDF Files on Windows Manually or Professionally

Note: Learn how to remove all metadata from PDF format in two different methods. Here, you will find the step-by-step instructions for doing this activity in an efficient and secure manner.

Cybercrime is growing along with technology’s advancement. Therefore, it is advised to erase your files’ metadata to make them secure if you are working with file formats for business purpose and wish to share your information with someone else.

We will describe how to remove all metadata from PDF files in the content that follows. A widely used and safe file format is PDF. By deleting the meta properties from it, you may increase its security.

So, without wasting time, lets begin the article.

Online, manual, and expert Metadata Eraser Tool for Windows are just a few of the various options for removing information from PDF files.

How to Remove All Metadata from PDF Files?

So, let’s start with the manual process first.

Method 1 – Remove Metadata from PDF Format Manually

Follow the step-by-step process mentioned below:

  • 1. Open your PDF document file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • 2. Select “Tools” option, select “Protect” and “Remove Hidden Information.”
  • 3. Choose “Analyze and Clean” to scan the document for any metadata information.
  • 4. Choose the “Clean” option to remove the metadata from the PDF file.
  • 5. Save the file option with a new name.

That’s it. By following the above steps, you can remove metadata from PDF file.

Limitations of Manual Removal

  • You have to follow each steps again and again for every PDF file. The manual process doesn’t support bulk remove.
  • The manual process is lengthy as well as time consuming for removing metadata from PDF files.
  • This manual process to scrub metadata from PDF file requires some technical expertise.
  • There is no guarantee of complete and accurate removal of metadata.

These are only a few examples of limitations. It has many more. You can overcome them using a professional software.

Method 2. Exclusive PDF Metadata Removal Software

Metadata Scrubber Tool is the most reliable and incredible application available for users. This application is designed to remove any personal information or data that is attached to a file or document. You can use this application to delete file metadata, including author name, date of creation, file size, resolution, and any other information that may be associated with a file. Also, the application has a very simple and user-friendly interface. You will not experience any type of hassle while using the application. You just have to follow simple working steps to get this task done.

Step by Step Working Process

  • Download and run the PDF Metadata Removal Tool.
  • Install the application and click the Open button.
  • Now, choose PDF Files and click the Choose Files / Folders.
  • The application instantly loads all files on the left panel.
  • Select the loaded files and preview the complete data.
  • Now, click to Actions Toolbar option and choose Clear Metadata.
  • Hit the Destination Path and click the Save button.

That’s it. By following the above steps, you can remove all metadata from PDF format.

Exclusive Features of PDF Metadata Removal Software

  • Batch Processing: Software for removing PDF information allows you to handle several files at once. Removing metadata from numerous PDF documents at once will save time and work.
  • Automation: The process of removing metadata from PDF files may be automated with sophisticated PDF metadata removal software. Users’ manual efforts to remove information from PDFs will be reduced as a result.
  • Security: Professional PDF metadata removal software offers high-level security by securely and effectively eliminating metadata from PDF documents.
  • Selective Removal: If you need to remove metadata from selective PDF files, you can use this application. This amazing feature of PDF Metadata Remover feature is helpful you to save time and efforts.
  • Maintains Other Content: When you scrub meta properties from PDF files, the application maintains all the properties. There will be no changes done with the original content of your PDF documents.
  • Standalone Application: There is no need to install a supportive application like PDF Acrobat to remove all metadata from PDF files. This application is completely standalone and safe.

The Abstract

In conclusion, we just want to say that make your files secure before sharing files. In today’s content, we have explained the amazing methods to remove metadata from PDF files. Manual process is good but it doesn’t support bulk removal. If you need to remove all metadata from PDF documents at once, go with professional software.

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