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The last weekend of summer, often highlighted by barbecues and pool parties, is Labor Day weekend. This year, Speed Perks members may double their points and compete to win a 1967 Chevy Camaro RS that Advance Auto Parts has meticulously refurbished. Advance Auto Speed Perks Members on purchases of Pennzoil synthetic motor oil between August 29 and September 2. In any of its more than 4,300 stores around the United States. You may purchase Gold and Platinum batteries, CARQUEST Platinum brake pads, and rotors.

Customers may enter to win a restored 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS by just visiting by from August 29 through September 30.

Describe Advance Auto Parts

In 1932, Arthur Tubman purchased a store in Roanoke, Virginia. Toys and appliances were sold in Advance Stores. Over time, business management evolved. Arthur’s son Nick assumed leadership and refocused the business. Because the neighborhood required car components, Advance Car Components was establish.

A leading US provider of aftermarket components is Advance Auto Parts. Its primary competitors are Pep Boys, AutoZone, and O’Reilly. Both online and offline, battery testing and wiper installation are free. Get savings by using the advance auto parts codes 40% off.

launching new loyalty initiatives

The launch of Advance Auto Speed Perks, a new loyalty programmer that will enable the business to more swiftly and effectively reward its most devoted clients. Has been enthusiastically announce by CEO Tom Greco.

Advance has listened to customer feedback on how to improve the popular Advance Auto Speed Perks reward programmes in order to better serve our customers. As a result, our new application significantly enhances the customer support experience and provides additional functionality that our customers wanted.

Member Benefits for Speed Perks

Simply place an order at Advance Auto Parts while connected into your current account to redeem an Advance Auto Speed Perks reward (or creating a new account at checkout). All orders may be pick up in person or delivered to your home. For certain goods, in-store pickup is necessary.

Various Rewards for Various Purchases

Members of the Advance Auto Speed Perks programmes get a $5 credit against a future purchase of $20 or more after spending $30. Members who spend $100 get a $20 reward used for a subsequent $50 or greater purchase.

Within a week of the qualifying purchase, the Advance Auto Speed Perks reward will be given to you via email and may be use at any time during the next six months. Learn more about Speed Perks and how they operate.

Member Points for Speed Perks

Points may be earned on all purchases, whether they are made full price or on discount or clearance. You won’t earn points while using a gift card to pay for a core deposit or tool rental. You will increase your point total every year.

The Member’s Tier Level determines when the Points expire and if they may be carried over from year to year. How long will it take for your rewards to update. A Member receives reward Perks Bucks in a predefined amount when they achieve the relevant Conversion Threshold.

The Member will get an email or text message informing them of their Reward around 2–3 business days after completing an eligible transaction (s). The awards are subject to requirements.

The most recent version of these terms and conditions, which is always available on, supersedes any earlier versions. In the United States, you may locate Advance Auto Parts and specific CARQUEST shops. Advance Auto Speed Perks is also offer online.

Classify Various Levels

Depending on how much money consumers spend over the course of the year. There are three membership categories for Advance Auto Speed Perks: Club, VIP, and Elite.

Customers who spend up to $200 in a single calendar year are eligible for rewards at the Club level, which include 10 points for every $1 spent. Customers who spend between $200 and $500 in a year are eligible for VIP perks.

For each dollar spent by these clients, they will get 11 points. A client will be promote to the Elite level and be entitled to earn 12.5 points for every $1 spent if they spend $500 or more in a calendar year.

Greco claims that we are putting a lot of effort towards winning our customers’ loyalty. Finally, we have been able to fulfil their needs with the new Advance Auto Speed Perks incentive programmes.

How to Earn Bonus Points for Speed Perks

Members of Advance Auto Speed Perks get bonus points for purchasing popular goods as well as seasonal savings. VIP and Elite members’ points never expire, and they may even be paid extra for introducing friends. Elite members gain access to exclusive events, activities, and product sample that aren’t open to the general public in addition to speedier phone assistance.

Mobile Game Increases Loyalty Sign-Ups for Advance Auto Parts

by way of a mobile puzzle game that assesses players’ swiftness and accuracy. The auto parts retailer’s Advance Auto Speed Perks incentive programmes are drawing in repeat customers. Fans may follow the tour’s mascot, Tux lee, on Instagram in addition to the game.

According to Jen Rose, account executive at Interactions, the company behind the campaign. The Interactions team created the distinctive game to encourage more digital connection with the audience for the Advance Auto Speed Perks.

Benefits of Social Networks

Consumers may use social networks to share their research with their peers after practising and testing their DIY skills. That’s the difference between telling people about your company and letting them experience the benefits.

She said that it was an excellent approach to introduce people to Speed Perks and Advance Auto Parts.

Having Fun With Customers

For the purpose of playing the mobile game, users’ private information is gather. Giving Advance Auto Parts important information on their clients. By ticking a box on the game’s loading screen, users may choose to participate in the Advance Auto Speed Perks programmers right away.

Users may choose not to join the rewards programmers by deselecting the option, and those who do can automatically sign up.

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