Smart Hacks To Address Angry Customers In Your Auto Repair Shops

If you’re in the auto repair business, then you know that angry customers are inevitable. It’s just part of the job. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. If you want to make your customers happy and make them trust your services, auto repair software is the right choice. 

A free auto repair software with a plethora of benefits? Yeah right.

Customers have a lot of expectations these days and they know how to complain when their auto repair shop doesn’t meet them. If you want to keep your auto repairs business running smoothly, you need to make sure that your customers are happy with the service they get from your team members. 

Let’s get into the blog and know-how can you address your angry customers and keep your shop environment healthy.

Let’s Wear Customer Hat 👒

When modern customers enter an auto repair shop they expect your shop to give them remarkable services. When they plan to take vehicle repairs, they already know it’s going to be expensive so they don’t neglect the smallest mistake coming from your shop.

If you are a shop that still uses its old methods then I’m sure the number of unhappy customers from your shop will be higher than the shops that use modern auto repair software. Coming towards a digital solution saves you from many hassles.

Imagine a customer named Brenda is at your shop, she is waiting for you to give an estimate for her vehicle repairs. So your service advisor creates estimates manually based on a diagnosis that the technician has recommended. 

However, if you were a modern shop you could easily turn inspections into estimates using free auto repair estimating software.

She reviewed your given estimates and told your service advisor to give her vehicle back on time because she has to run daily errands on her vehicle, which is why she expects a quick turnaround. 

After three to four days Brenda is back to take her vehicle back but your technician has not started working on her vehicle. She has all the right to get mad at you because your shop has failed to deliver her vehicle back timely.

This inconvenience happened because your technician lost track of time and he was busy repairing another customers’ vehicle. Out of anger, Brenda refused to make repairs, now she will be out and telling everyone about her experience with your shop.

Let’s Talk About Solution for Auto Repair Shops

Now if you would have used a smart solution in your auto repair shop, your technician would never lose track of time. When you create appointments for customers using auto repair scheduling software it helps you to manage workflow in a better way.

It lets you see the availability of your technicians and do they have free slots to manage other customer work. In this way, there is no chance of late deliveries.

Not only this, if you want to save your employees and customers time, auto repair software is a great investment that improves and manages your workflow.

Moreover, when technicians start working on customers’ repair orders, they can see from their technician portal when they have to deliver back to the customer. It helps them to deliver back to customers timely. 

It also sends technicians automatic reminders before the delivery date so that they can speed up their repairs. 

Furthermore, you can do simple and reliable digital vehicle inspections that save customers and techs time and if next time customers like Brenda hit your shop, without making them upset you can deliver them their vehicle timely.

Tell Customers About Your Fast and Modern Methods

Auto repair software can help auto repair business keep their customers happy. The software can help auto repair shops manage appointments, track repairs, and provide estimates. 

Tell your customers how different you are from old shops that still use cumbersome methods. And the main goal for your shop is to bring in ease for your customers. 

Moreover, you can tell customers how this investment saves customers time. They can leave their car at your shop, and you can send them their inspection and estimate reports via email or SMS. 

Also, they can easily see updates and check the status of their vehicle using the customer portal. This means they don’t have to keep calling you and wait on long holds just to get an update about their vehicles.

They will automatically get notified when their technician will complete his job as soon as he will update his portal. Without any wait, they can take their next ride to your shop to get back their vehicle right away.

Did something go wrong? Address POLITELY in Auto Repair Shops

If your customers are angry, it is best to address them politely. You can say something like, “I’m sorry our service wasn’t up to your standards. 

Can you tell me what went wrong?” This will help you understand what went wrong and how to fix it. You can also apologize for the inconvenience and offer a discount or another form of compensation.

Sometimes, customers overreact to the situation and don’t listen to your explanations. In that case, without losing your temper you can speak softly to them.

I know it’s hard, in fact very hard but this will make them realize their mistake later. However, if you shout and yell at them they will not pay you. This would be a great loss, rather handle the situation wisely. 


Auto repair software is a valuable tool that can help you start an auto repair shop and to improve the customer service. 

Auto repair shops that use auto repair software can provide their customers with better service, satisfaction, and communication. 

Moreover, you can give your customers fast scheduling, transparent estimates, and error-free invoices. It reduces the possibility of angry customers. And accelerate your customer services.

How cool is that no? And what if I tell you that you can get auto repair software for FREE? Yeah, right free software with countless benefits. 

Additionally, auto repair software can help you diagnose problems more quickly and accurately, saving you even more time.

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