Step By Step Guide For Writing English Composition Assignment

The assignment writing seems difficult to the majority of students. The reason is they often do not know how to tackle it. After knowing a few simple steps of writing assignments, it becomes the easiest academic task for you. This article aims to discuss a step by step guide for English composition assignment so that students may get familiar with it.

What Are The Steps In Writing Assignments?

Writing any assignment needs students to follow a few important steps. These steps ensure on-time assignment submission. Further, the student would not have to rush at the eleventh hour for assignment submission. Learning step by step guide for assignment writing, by heart, helps students to tackle even the toughest assignments in no time. It gives students confidence which in turn release academic anxiety and have positive effects on academic performance. Hence, a few steps in writing assignments are as follows:

Understand The Assignment Task

Whether you are a science student or belong to arts, assignment writing becomes easier through planning. Planning includes careful reading of the assignment brief, including teacher’s notes and efforts to give a unique touch to your assignment. In this aspect, students should also ensure decency and relevancy of ideas to the main topic

Research Well To Solve All Queries

After knowing what a teacher exactly demands you to write in an assignment, the next step is research. Further, the planning provides the basis for research. Research is the student’s effort to resolve all queries to produce an impressive assignment.  

 Make A Foolproof Assignment Plan

A foolproof assignment plan in case of assignments is making comprehensive outlines. Outlines in textual (lists) as well as diagram (Venn diagrams) form save writers from structuring and achieving the learning outcomes.

Write A Rough Draft

Based on the outlines, the next step must be to start working on the draft. For better results, you can make a rough draft first. The rough drafts often contain dozens of grammatical, spelling and other mistakes that are subject to several revisions. This step ensures that the final draft must be free from all mistakes.

Be Your Own Teacher

Before submission of an assignment, a good practice is to become your own teacher and rate your work. This step will further improve the quality of your assignments.

Who Do You Write An English Composition?

English composition assignment writing is a process of linking different parts from a whole essay, technical report, literary work, and research paper. Students often think of English composition writing as a difficult academic task because they often think for a moment and start writing it. This is the worst approach to deal with any composition tasks. More, one should remember that English composition assignment writing also follows proper structuring and organising strategy. In this regard, they have option to buy assignment online. The following step by step approach shared by experts of an assignment writing service is effective enough to solve almost all English composition writing problems.

Plan Essay Essentials

The first step in composition writing must be planning. For short essays, planning takes only five to ten minutes. Students often think planning is a waste of time. But a planned essay surely looks better than an unplanned one.

Follow The Mind Maps

After panning, the next step must be to follow the mind maps. On the one hand, mind maps help us to organise ideas. On the other hand, concentration on mind maps decreases signs of nervousness and imparts confidence to writing.   

Initially, Make A Rough Draft

Planning and mind map all together help students to make a rough draft of an English composition assignment writing. For this, you can divide the whole essay content into three parts, namely introduction, body and conclusion. Here, you can leave spare lines to add or delete the content. Once you produce a rough draft, then in the remaining part, you just need to refine your essay.

Pay Special Attention To Words Selection/ Orders/Linking Words And Adjectives

In English composition assignments, at this step, the rough draft passes through multiple revisions. These revisions aim to address the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. For this, you first need to recheck whether the word order or sentence structure is good or not. Then confirm the proper use of adjectives and linking words to make your essay clear or easy to read. After ensuring these few things, your essay will be closer to completion.

Turn Your Writing Into A Final Draft

The English composition assignment writings rough draft can turn into a final draft after revising one more thing. That is, whether all the information provided is authentic or not. If you are satisfied with all facts and figures used in an essay, then it becomes the final draft. Now, it is time to submit your writing without feeling nervousness.

What Is The Format Of Composition Writing?

The formatting is an essential part of all types of English composition assignments writing. Primarily, the formatting is important due to two reasons. First, it makes the writings more presentable, while the second is it increases the readability as well.   For these reasons, formatting accounts for almost 10 % of the total marks of every academic writing task.

Further, the English Composition assignment writing format includes an arrangement of five parts or paragraphs to organise all thoughts. The five paragraphs and parts of compositions writing tasks include:

An Introduction Paragraph:

 It is an opening sentence that aims to gain the reader’s interest, hint at the central theme of study, and explain the significance of the topic. It also includes a thesis statement that brings coherency to the whole composition.   

Three-Body Paragraphs:

These three paragraphs collectively form the body of English composition assignment writing. In short, these paragraphs aim to make the thesis statement reasonable.  

A Conclusion Paragraph:

 It is the last part of composition writing to wrap up all discussions.

In short, the five-paragraph model is the simplest way to organise English composition essays. But sometimes, composition essays are complex enough to fit in the five-paragraph model. Hence, for the complex topic, you can increase the number of paragraphs from three to any desired quantity in the body of the composition. Further, the formatting details vary according to the purpose of writing. But commonly, the font style guides writers to select the most readable ones like Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial (11, 12) with spacing 2.0.   Consequently, these structuring and formatting guidelines are sufficient enough and fulfill the purpose of basic formatting.

I hope you are now well familiar with assignment writing steps in general and English composition Assignment writing steps in particular. These steps are necessary to achieve your desired grades, but for extraordinary performance, you can seek help from the experts.

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