Sympathy messages to include in sympathy cards 

Deciding what to put in a sympathy card or grief card is some of the most hard bit of writing any of us ever undertake. So if you’re suffer right now in attempting to pick just the perfect words of condolence for someone’s loss, let’s take some burden off you right away: You aren’t suppose to compose any words that may make heartache go away. What will important most is that you sent the card in a conscientious manner.

It can be really difficult to embrace the “new normal” after a loss when the rest of the world appears to be carrying on as usual. There is no time limit or set of guidelines for this grieving period, but by taking a moment out of your day to let someone who is grieving know you are thinking of them, you are letting them know you understand their struggle, send your support, and, most importantly, have not forgotten the person they lost. That is significant.

Now that you’re aware that there isn’t an ideal free sympathy cards message for loss or a set of grief phrases that you’re “should” to write in a card, it can inspire you to write something that simply and purely flows from your heart. We’re here to help if you need some ideas to get you start, though. As with signing most greeting cards, keep in mind that the text on a sympathy card or grief card has already done part of the job; thus, the best course of action is typically to write a short, honest comment. We’ve broken down some suggestions for what to write in a sympathy card or what to say in a sympathy messages for you below.

Loss of a parent 

  • You do a terrific job of carrying on your mother’s lovely traits. She will never be forgot. 
  • You are an amazing man who was raise by your father. I hope you will always feel his love and pride. 
  • You were such a terrific son to your father. You were a lucky find for him. Your mother undoubtedly made her mark on the world uniquely. Knowing her was both an honor and a joy. 
  • We will always remember and cherish your father. 
  • It was a real joy working with your mother. She will be sorely miss. Although I didn’t know your mother, I believe she must have been exceptional to have raised a child like you.

Sympathy messages for loss of partner or spouse 

  • I’d be interest in hearing from you if you ever want to chat about [partner’s name]. 
  • We wish you comfort at this trying time while also sharing your sorrow over the loss of your beautiful [partner’s name]. 
  • Words are absent. However, there is love—so much love—all around you, as well as in your memories of -partner’s name-. 
  • -partner’s name-‘s contribution to the world’s happiness will never be forgot. 
  • Letting you know that I am here for you and am thinking about you. 
  • We are praying for you and your family and keeping them in our thoughts.

Loss of a child 

  • I am thinking of you with comfort and compassion since I know how much your heart is hurting. 
  • I have no idea what you must be going through. My condolences for your loss. 
  • The sadness we experience is beyond words. During this sad and trying time, I’m sending you love and peace. 
  • I’m encircling you with love and holding you in my heart. 
  • I’m sending you prayers for courage as you navigate each day. 
  • Losing a kid is devastating. Ryan was a great young man who will be sorely miss.

Loss of a friend 

  • One of my biggest blessings will always be having [name] as a friend. 
  • James will be miss by me as well, and I will always keep him in my heart. 
  • [name] made a lovely impact in so many people’s lives; she will be lovingly remember. 
  • During this trying time, I’m sending you comforting thoughts as well as loving memories of [name]. 
  • I’m very happy to have met [name] and will think of him frequently and always. 
  • I hope it gives you some peace to know that [name] life will be honored and remember by his countless friends.

Hence the above sympathy messages are provided as examples so that you may use them as a template to comfort a mourning person. To communicate your emotions, you can use them alone, in combination, or with modifications. Any of these heartfelt free sympathy ecards sentiments will be helpful to your loved one.

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