T-shirt Printing Mistakes 

To err is human. Mistakes are common everywhere in each profession. Similarly, there are some T-shirt printing mistakes. But we cannot welcome such a mistake, can we? 

No. Then our job is to avoid them at any cost. It will save us to a large extent. Therefore this post aims to introduce you to those mistakes. Be with us to get the best! 

Common T-shirt Printing Mistakes

When it comes to making custom t-shirts, avoiding mistakes can make a huge difference between an amazing printed product and one that falls short of expectations. Here are some common T-shirt printing mistakes to avoid for the best results possible:

1. Using low-quality images or graphics which can result in blurry or pixelated prints

2. Choosing the wrong type of printing method for the specific design or fabric. 

3. Not taking enough time to properly prepare the design before printing, which can lead to errors or quality issues.

4. Failing to double-check the design placement and orientation for accuracy before printing, which can result in misaligned or crooked designs on the finished product.

5. Neglecting to consider the color of the t-shirt when selecting ink colors, leading to poor visibility or an unattractive overall appearance.

All of these mistakes can be easily avoided if you work with an experienced and professional t-shirt printing company. They can provide guidance and expertise to ensure that your custom t-shirts turn out exactly as you envision them, free from any of these common mistakes. Do some research and read reviews to find a reputable t-shirt printing company that specializes in the type of custom t-shirts you want.

Unfit image resolution 

This is one of the most common mistakes in tee-shirt printing. Often people come up with a poor resolution and repent. 

Look, it’s important to get the image at 300 PPI resolution. It will help to be free from any unwanted image blur while printing procedures. Avoid employing any compressed image that you get directly from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It becomes sheerly unfit for a printer. 

Leaving printers with residue 

It often occurs that we forget or ignore cleaning our printing equipment. It results in nothing but loss since the remaining gets mixed with the next shot. So you must not hurry to get into the next project. Rather, it is urgent to clean all the residues, as you have to deal with fabric ink and other elements. 

Selecting inappropriate material 

Quality comes with appropriateness. If you choose an inappropriate material for a certain printing type, you will get the opposite. Let’s say you have applied a cheap quality ink. In that case, the printed t-shirts will quickly fade away. 

Or you might choose the wrong fabric that doesn’t align with the heat temperatures of a printing machine. Then chances are very high that it will get burnt or scorched. Else, your printing machine should also be of sufficient capacity. You cannot expect a cheap machine to perform heavy duties.

Better not compromise on material quality out of fear of cost as it will compel you to pay much more than that. You should find out the apt type of material for a specific project. 

Ignoring the vector file 

Some printing methods, such as screen printing and cutting vinyl, require a vector file format. A resized vector file assures us of zero loss. You can easily resize a vector file from a postage stamp. It will be wise to remain free from unwanted pixelation.

Moreover, it helps the printing machines define a perfect cutting edge along with a proper finish. It will be wise to avoid using details. Do you know why? Because they are too small to print! In such a case, the printer fails to ensure accuracy.

Ignoring a demo 

No matter how confident you are, it would be best if you went through a trial print. Many clients will hurry and insist on fast delivery. You should be patient instead. Better double-check the size, typography, placement, etc., as your clients need. A mistaken printing will also be a burden for soil, which means an additional threat to the environment. 

To Sum Up 

Only a clear concept and its application can save you time and money. I’m pretty sure that you have already got familiar with that. So let not the T-shirt printing mistakes overwhelm you ever or anymore. Best of luck! 

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