The 5 Best Healthcare Systems in Arab

Many factors are involved in making the healthcare system the best. It includes competent manpower, cutting-edge technology, and the availability of health care services in case of emergency. If we look at healthcare systems in different Arab countries then we find them different.

Many people from developing countries are working in Arab countries to support their families. They learn the Arabic language with time. But to apply for a job in these countries, they have to take the assistance of Arabic document translation services. The companies on the other hand must provide healthcare services to expatriates. 

Best Health Care System in Arab 

Many Arab countries have made tremendous improvements in their healthcare systems. This breakthrough in the healthcare system came after the emergence of COVID-19. Let’s dive into the 5 best healthcare systems in Arab.


The UAE has made a great investment in its medical field and according to statistics, it ranked at the top in the list of best healthcare systems in Arab. Do you know that the Gulf healthcare system is segregated into two parts, one is health services funded by the government and the other is a private healthcare system. The UAE has enhanced per capita healthcare expenses because of the implementation of cutting-edge technology. 

They have allocated a large budget for the medical field and local authorities are allowed to develop and expand the medical centers with the help of innovative medical technology. The medical system of the UAE helped to combat the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Moreover, the UAE has reserved an extra budget to fight against viral infections. The important thing to note is that it also offers people more testing services as compared to other countries. If you are in UAE and want to avail of medical services then professional medical translation services are of great help to you. In this way, you can access medical facilities without any communication barrier. 


Qatar’s healthcare system is also the best in the region. They made every effort and spend money to advance the medical system of the country. Therefore they have maintained a quality standard in healthcare.  

In the last few years, Qatar has invested in building state-of-the-art laboratories, medical centers, and hospitals. Moreover, they hired professional medical practitioners after strict assessments from around the world. According to the Wealth Health Organization, all the initiatives that the government has taken in improving the healthcare system of the country are depicted through healthcare indicators.

The residents of Qatar that have valid IDs and expats who have residence permits can take leverage from public healthcare in Qatar. For this, first, they have to apply for a health card. People can also apply for this healthcare card online. Tourists and temporary visitors cannot avail of health cards. Therefore, they have to take health insurance or go for private treatment. 


The health system in Kuwait is better than that of most Arab countries. They have divided the healthcare system into the public and private sectors. The people of Kuwait take assistance from government health care facilities but for lethal diseases, they go to the private sector. Although Kuwait’s health care system is better than many Arab countries,  they are criticized for discriminating between the expats and the public. They have allocated designated hospitals for nationals and others for foreigners.

All Kuwaitis are eligible for free healthcare from the government. But services like specialized tests and X-rays are not free. These services are very expensive so the government does not support them. Therefore, customers go to the private sector or go to Europe and North America for treatment. 

The official language of Kuwait is Arabic. If you are an expat then to learn the health system of Kuwait, you must take assistance from a professional translation company


Do you know that healthcare in Bahrain is universal? Healthcare services are provided without any charges. Moreover, non-residents of Bahrain receive large subsidies. The Health Ministry works with the Supreme Council of Health and the National Health Regulatory Authority to provide different types of services such as primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare services. In primary care healthcare services, the government has made 25 health centers and three health clinics to provide state-of-the-art services to injured and sick people.  

In the last decade, the country didn’t invest in the medical field but for the last 10 years, the government has invested highly in the medical field.  The government supported the medical industry by providing advanced medical equipment and opening of advanced testing with the opening of new hospitals. 


The healthcare sector of Oman has seen marvelous growth over the last few decades. The government of the country took part in providing advanced medical solutions to its citizens. They also encouraged the private sector to transform the health system and made Oman the hub of the best healthcare services. The government policy ensures that the citizens of Oman get all the basic medical facilities and expatriates are given subsidized health services. 

Sometimes, it gets very challenging to provide the best health services both to the public and expatriates but support by the government is making it possible. 

Wrapping Up 

Arabic is the official language of most Arab countries. Moreover, it is also included in the top 15 languages of the world. To get leverage from medical facilities in the Arab world, you must take assistance from Arabic translation services. The translation services can also assist you in helping less privileged countries in the healthcare sector like Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Yemen.

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