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The best websites to optimize online images.

These are the best websites and tools to optimize images online: reduce the size and compress without losing quality.

Here we present the best websites and online tools to optimize, compress and reduce the weight of your images.

On the Internet, speed is everything, and today that traffic from mobile devices has grown like foam some have even forgotten the PC forever because the smartphone or tablet fulfills the role they need.

We all like to see large, high-quality images, but what we don’t want is to have to wait to see them. First, because time is money, second because we do not want to melt our data rate by loading large files and third because if we use them in our blog or personal page, it is not a matter of uploading heavy photos to the server, something that will also slow down navigation.

Websites to optimize images and reduce their weight:

Google also doesn’t like your website taking forever to load content and your readers or visitors probably won’t either. Below I show you some of the websites that I use to reduce images and optimize them.

Not everyone has programs installed on any computer, so it is always good to know alternatives to optimize images anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection:

JPEGCompressor, lossless compression of quality

My favorite is that its name does not confuse you, not only is it compatible with image files in PNG, but you can also upload and optimize JPG files without problem, although in case there is any clueless there is also JPEG Compressor, which is the same.

When you upload a file, it automatically analyzes it and decides what level of compression to apply. Fast and direct, and not usually aggressive, but it can reduce the weight of an image by more than 50% (they say up to 70%, but they are very specific cases).

It is completely free and allows you to do the optimization in the block, that is, dragging up to 20 images at the same time (with a limit size of 5MB per file).

Compressor io is more versatile to optimize images online:

In the second position, I would put, another website dedicated exclusively to image optimization. This time we can reduce the weight of PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG files, so it is a little more versatile.

In addition, it has two compression modes, depending on the level of quality you want to maintain and the compression level (the higher the compression, the less weight, but also the lower the final quality). In some cases, it is not noticeable, but in others it is.

Despite this, I put it below TinyPNG because you can not process several images at the same time, so you have to upload one by one (but the allowed file limit goes up to 10MB).

Compress Pictures: optimize, resize, and apply effects to online images:

In the last step of this personal podium to optimize online images I place the web Shrink Pictures, whose design is quite “classic”, to call it in some way, but it can be very useful to do more than optimize the weight of an image.

Compress pictures:

Among its options, we have settings to select the resolution that we want the resulting file to have, either with presets or fully customizable by us, as well as effects (grayscale and sepia) and three levels of compression (you know, more compression, less final quality). Of course, there are more websites to optimize images online, for example,,, or

These are some of the recommendations that I use in my day to day, all are free and have earned a place among my markers. Which ones do you use?


In conclusion, image optimization is essential to website performance and efficiency, and several internet tools may help you achieve this goal. The best picture optimization websites save time and make your website fast. These websites compress, resize, and web-optimize photos.

Optimizing your pictures may improve your website’s performance, user experience, and search engine rankings, whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or website builder. This article’s methods and tools can help you optimize your photographs fast and improve your website’s performance. Try them today!

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