Time to Get the New Sports Polo Shirt

Without a doubt, the Polo Shirt is an ideal fashion staple for every man and woman, especially for those who enjoy sports. A polo shirt is the perfect essential for dressing up like a pro, from hot summer days to subzero temperatures. Whether you intend to participate in an official event or go out to play, a polo shirt is an ideal choice. It makes you look good and feel comfortable.

What Is a Sports Polo Shirt?

Sports polo shirts are pieces of an ensemble that you can wear for sports or casual events. It usually comprises knitted material and has a collar, an optional pocket, and a placket with two or three buttons. Moreover, the polo shirt’s tail is longer than the front. So, it is suitable to wear it on a golf course, tennis courts, beach parties, or any other official occasion.

Before we proceed, let us define the three main categories that we will discuss in this article.

  • Polo Shirt Styles: Slim fit, muscle fit, casual, custom, and many other popular polo shirt styles.
  • Polo Shirt Fabrics: Blended, performance, polyester, and cotton.
  • Which fabric suits which body type?
  • Polo Shirt Dos and Don’ts: The proper ways to wear polo shirts for a great look and comfort.

Different Styles of Polo Shirts

Slim Fit Polo Shirt

The slim-fit polo shirt is ideal for maintaining good shape and athletic use. It has a slim fit across the chest and sleeves, as well as a shorter back and front hem. It looks great when untucked with jeans or any trouser. All hardworking men and women will appreciate the comfort and stylish look of a knit polo shirt. It’s just as simple to pair knit polo shirts with shorts and flip-flops. At apparelnbags.com, you can find a wide range of colors and styles of knit polo shirts. That will make you look and feel great in your favorite sports polo shirt.

Muscle Fit Polo Shirt

The muscle-fit polo is designed for people with muscular bodies who want to show off their muscles. You can adjust its features to form the body’s curves and fits snugly around the arm muscles. Muscle Fit Polo Shirt is available in a variety of casual colors. You should choose a muscle-fit polo shirt that is a combination of garment dyed and cotton. Because it adds softness and style to the shirt. Furthermore, it is also a perfect shirt for layering under a sporty vest.

Casual Polo Shirt

The casual polo shirt is typically white and you can pair it with any color of trousers, jeans, capris, or bottom. It has a relaxed drape above the upper body and a longer back hem, so you can tuck in this shirt. A casual polo shirt is a classic, clean-cut organic fabric polo that you can put on with almost anything. What distinguishes the Sports polo shirt from the T-shirt is its versatility. As it is both casual enough for the beach and sporty enough for polo, golf, or even a workout.

Custom Polo Shirt

The custom polo shirt features fall somewhere between classic and slim-fit polo shirts. It has a closer fit to the upper body and larger armholes. They also have a slightly shorter front and back hem than the classic but a slightly longer front and back hem than the slim fit. Whether you want to go golfing or to a seminar, this shirt is a go-to for any occasion. Because of its lightweight and classy design, it is an essential polo shirt for every man and woman.

Mesh Polo Shirt

Mesh polo shirts are stylish and comfortable polo that you can don almost anywhere and with almost any essential. It usually has a short sleeve with or without a pocket. This sports polo shirt is truly designed for sportsmen. It has a modern slim fit and mesh material to absorb sweat and moisture. The mesh polo shirt is a great combination of soft fabric and a classic fit that is extremely comfortable. It’s a great-looking polo for a clean and classic look.

Different Fabrics of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts come in a variety of fabrics, from natural to synthetic. The following are the four most popular polo shirt fabrics worth mentioning:

Blended Polo Shirt

The features of the blended fabric increase endurance and stain resistance. However, they are less comfortable than other types of fabric, such as cotton. Blended fabric often makes the athletic sweat easily. When it comes to cost, blended fabric polo shirts are less expensive than cotton and other types of garments. Blended polo shirts are also more breathable than 100% cotton polo shirts. Besides this, they will also shrink less when you wash them. They work well for customization and have a long lifespan.

Performance Polo Shirt

Polo shirts made of performance fabric are commonly used for athletic wear. They have UV protection and odor control features. These sports polo shirts contain lightweight synthetics and blends that wick moisture to keep you dry while looking stylish. Because of its high breathability, it is also notable as the coolest fabric for sports polo shirts. There is almost no fading or shrinking in the performance polo shirt.

Cotton Polo Shirt

Cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber in the production of athletic wear due to its moisture-wicking and breathability. These shirts are also very absorbent, and so they are very popular among athletes. They are more durable and last longer than other types of sports polo shirt fabrics. Cotton is the best fabric for polo shirts because it is comfortable, breathable, and stylish. You can have it in a variety of cool styles and colors that complement athletic body structures.

Polyester Polo Shirt

Polyester Polo shirts do not wrinkle or shrink easily and are stain-resistant. They are less breathable than cotton, so the wearer usually sweats a lot. The appearance of a polyester polo is quite low-cost. They are extremely durable, comfortable, and flattering on athletic body types. Because of its quick-drying properties, this fabric is popular in the sports industry. However, because 100% polyester is highly flammable, therefore, you need to be cautious.

Which Fabric Suits Which body?

Though Polo shirts are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. However, in addition to size, you should think about the material the shirt contains before you make your choice. Cotton yarn with a slight ribbing is used to make pique cotton shirts. Pique polos are best for you if you have a wider physique. Because the textured fabric hugs the body and do not emphasize the less flattering areas of the chest and stomach.

Cotton and cotton blend polo shirts are ideal for those who care less about their appearance. Pique cotton is softer and more comfortable than this material. But a cotton blend polo shirt has a sleek, modern look that works well on its own or under a jacket.

Colors of Polo Shirts

As a general rule, when you try a polo shirt for the first time, stick to plain polo shirts. Or perhaps you can experiment with more muted colors. White, black, navy, and grey are the most versatile because they complement most skin tones and body types. When you are ready, broaden your horizons and explore the various colored polo shirts. We recommend selecting a color that complements rather than contrasts with your skin tone or hair color. Remember that not everyone can flaunt yellow or fuchsia pink, but if you’re feeling brave, go ahead and try it!

When it comes to polo shirt colors, the sky is the limit.

Dos & Don’ts of Polo Shirts


  • Put on fitted sports polo shirts but do not wear a too tight or loose shirt.
  • Button up your polo shirt always.
  • Make certain that it fits your height.
  • The shoulder seam must meet at the shoulder bone’s corner.
  • You can style it tucked in or untucked.


  • Do not pop up the collar of your sports polo shirts.
  • Never wear a polo shirt with an undershirt.
  • Do not emblazon large logos on your shirt.
  • Never don oversized polo shirts.
  • Do not wear a blazer or coat with a polo shirt.

Final Words

The sports polo shirt has earned a place as a fashionable classic apparel. It would be hard to find a man who doesn’t own three or four of these versatile and comfortable pieces. This smart and sporty style icon is infinitely versatile. This is why it is time to get a new sports polo shirt and make it your best friend.

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