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Tips to get settled in your new student accommodation

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As you have completed your first year at the university, now you are preparing to move into the first
student house to share with a group of your closest friends. Moving into your student accommodation can be an intimidating outlook, but it also comes with a huge sense of achievement and independence.

With so much to consider before moving like arranging bill payments, completing inventories, and remembering to pack your favorite stuff stays last on the list. So, here are top hacks to organize your student house: 

Set yourself manageable goals:

Moving away from enjoying your freedom and towards your studies, there is a hack that will keep you in control throughout your uni years. Getting this balance right will help to keep your morale high and make the most out of your university experience. It is vital to set genuine goals.  

Goals Settings
Goals setting by student

The major reason for failure at the university is time management. This can be easily solved by focusing
on things that you can control and ignoring those you can’t. By ignoring what your peers are up to and
setting yourself bite size goals like reading through the lecture notes, adding a chapter to your
dissertation, or getting through a tricky section of the textbook, you can maintain this control. 
You can end up adding unnecessary pressure to what is already a difficult schedule. It is important that
you ensure not to beat yourself up if you do not adhere to every one of these either, just refocus and
get back on track. There are many time management tools out there to help you too, just like this one. 

Decorate your Room

You will definitely want to take some of your loved things with you to your new home. Be it the photos of your family and friends or some wall art you have made to give your student accommodation feel more homely. Put your own individual stamp on your new bedroom, as this is where you will be spending the majority of your time studying, socializing, and sleeping.  
However, before you pin all the photos or the posters, go through your tenancy agreement to find out
what you are and are not allowed to use on the walls. It is always important to read your agreement for
student accommodation Manchester before making any decision. 

Label everything right

To ensure you don’t clutter much, label everything right. It can be tough to find the key you require immediately. Instead, you fumbling upon you in the morning, use your time well in the morning. Seek out a specific key with ease, by using nail polish to color code the base of each key.
Use a range of different colors to label keys that fit different doors, cabinets, etc. around the apartment.
Alternatively, you can pack your bag well so that when you unpack them you don’t feel overwhelmed. 

Label Everything
tag sets fro remember purposes

Ditch your car

If you have been driving for a few years now, getting rid of or at least taking your car off
the rod can be a great decision, especially when you are a student. However, it is intensely recommended that you do so at university as it has a wide range of advantages. Besides the rising petrol costs and the fact that you will need to insure your car, you do not actually need a car when you are studying. There will be a great public transportation system in any university town and city across UK. There are the aforesaid student discounts on rail and bus passes and by walking around the town, you can maintain your health. If you love your car, this may be a tough decision, but the money you save can create a huge impact. 

Get a good night’s sleep in student accommodation

You will likely already know from living in the dorms that the mattresses in furnished student accommodation are not always very comfortable. However, it is very important to have a good night’s sleep. If you think you are likely to have a few sleepless nights, then you can buy a thick mattress topper. Moreover they are not very expensive but can provide you with a lot of comforts. Moreover, you can buy a secondhand mattress, but of course, after checking the quality. 

Student Sleepings
sideview of student sleep well on the bed at night

Making use of most of the gadgets

Getting ready in the morning can be really challenging. If you are sharing a bathroom or a kitchen, you can often be left stranded waiting to shower or make yourself a snack in the morning while your roommates are busy. If the stove is occupied and you want to boil an egg, then you can do it in the kettle. You can take out your toast and make a sandwich. It might sound a little unconventional, but it is an effective way to ensure you get the right start to the day. 

Final Words

It is not that difficult to settle into the new student accommodation. You just need to explore and research more. Have your things planned out, work on a healthy lifestyle, and make some friends. This way you can have an amazing time across the uni years. You do not have to think much about anything else. Just book your student accommodation and live on your own terms.

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