Top Drupal Modules for Enhancing Website Functionality

Being one of the most used website development platforms, Drupal is ruling the world of content management systems. It comes with great security features and updated modules. There are many features that come with Drupal and it can boost any business.

While giving a quality user experience, you can create an appealing experience for your website with the help of quality and required modules in your business website built on Drupal. If you are looking for modules and how they can boost your business, going for the best web development company in UK is the best suitable option.

What are modules in Drupal?

Module in Drupal is a collection of files with codes that can enhance the functionalities of the website. The code can be executed everywhere on the website with context. Modules are a core component of Drupal’s modular architecture, providing a way to extend and customise the functionality of the system.

Modules are basically building blocks to add new features or enhance existing ones with simplified integration. Core modules in Drupal can be useful with the essential features but contributed modules can add much more when it comes to the functionality of a Drupal website.

Why do we need modules in Drupal

Here are some reasons why you need modules in Drupal:

  • Drupal is flexible and modules can help in adding new features to the functionality of the platform. With this, you can also upgrade the system and maintain top performance.
  • It can help in adding new features and you can improve overall security infrastructure with modules in Drupal.
  • With a strong community of developers, it can help in shaping the code and make it universally accessible with ease.
  • It is easy to use third-party tools and services with the help of a module in Drupal.

Top 10 Drupal Modules for improving website functionality

Here are the top 10 Drupal modules that can boost the performance of the website:

Webform module

This is one of the best modules for a Drupal website. It can be used to handle every kind of form on a website. It can handle survey forms, feedback forms, contact forms, and any other form that your business needs.

Forms are very necessary for user interaction in a business and with this, you can enhance that. You can create forms that are customisable and extendable easily with data collection. It is very easy to export data and send the data to third parties.

Google Analytics

Working on analytics can make your business a brand conveniently. Drupal modules with Google Analytics can be used to get an insight into user behaviour and traffic on your website. You can integrate and utilise every feature of GA with ease with this module.

It can be helpful in user time tracking, domain tracking, monitoring links, etc. This module can also be used for searching sites and getting Adsense support with ease.

ImageCache module

When the user uploads an image on your website, it can be of any size. You need to have a proper sizing chart for image processing. The ImageCache module can adjust the image as per website standards.

With this module, website owners can crop, set colours, or resize images to make them perfect for the website. It can also help in scaling the image and setting the ratio to the best.

Admin toolbar module

The Drupal admin toolbar module is very useful if you are looking for site admin and site navigation. It comes with user-friendly features and can extend its functionalities to offering drop-down menus.

There are extra tools that can help in the admin menu to perform other tasks for smooth operation on the Drupal website. Admin on the platform can use this module to create helpful links to the admin menu and add features for simplified processes.

Layout Builder

With this module, content editors and site builders can choose from a predefined set of layouts. There are many quality layouts that can improve the appearance of your Drupal platform. You can easily create a layout with this.

It follows drag-and-drop functionality and streamlined customisation, it can be used to create powerful and engaging pages. By integrating it into your website, you can improve the overall experience of building great pages on the site.

Site audit

It is a Drupal static analysis module that can be used to generate reports for website improvements. You can create recommendations based on actionable outputs based on this module.

The Drupal performance module uses a static program analysis and it can operate without the need for any instalment. Businesses can get quick reports with this and improve site performance using site audit modules.

Display suite

It is a module in Drupal that allows users to build pages and edit them with simple click options. It comes with an intuitive design and an easy drag-and-drop feature which can make arranging content on the website easy for users.

Users can select a design and create however they like with easy functionality. Moreover, users can define custom view modes with the help of this module.

Paragraph module

The paragraph module gives users the features to create a field-like paragraph. It’s very helpful in setting up videos, quotes, texts, images, and slideshows.

All things considered. very easy-to-use module to improve functioning and enhance the creator experience. It has a very wide range and users can conveniently utilise this to improve user experience across website content.

Redirect and Pathauto Module

Broken links are not useful and they can harm the reputation of your website and lower the overall SEO impact. URL structure is very crucial for any website and having a bad structure can affect traffic.

When a URL has a great structure, it can improve user experience. Redirection is important and this module can appropriately land the user on the right page. The Drupal Pathauto module is definitely needed and it can help in changing tokens.

Drupal GraphQL Module

This module is a modern query language that is very fast and gives appropriate results. It is used in Drupal in place of REST to manage communication with APIs.

With an easy interface, the Drupal GraphQL module helps in creating schemas, also helpful when it comes to exposing its entities with GraphQL client platforms.

Utilise Drupal to the fullest with experts

There is a reason why Drupal is leading the innovation with CMS. Drupal modules can be used to create a dynamic and engaging user experience, it can be used to increase functionality, boost productivity, and you can offer a quality experience to website visitors.

Drupal agency London can help if you want to utilise the best modules on the Drupal website and are confused about what to choose. They can give you the best modules for better user engagement and simplified navigation on the platform.

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