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Top Yachts to Rent in Dubai

Dubai is the right place if you are seeking luxury and extravagance. Level up your vacation game with a yacht rental in Dubai. Celebrate a special occasion or just sit back and relax. Chartering a yacht will guarantee you the time of your life. Whether it’s an intimate arrangement or a grand one, there is a yacht for every purpose.

Top yachts to rent in Dubai

With various options available, you can choose the vessel that goes well with your checklist and fits your budget. Below are a few of the top yachts to hire to explore Dubai:

  • Majesty 110
  • Sunseeker Manhattan 55
  • Azimut 62S
  • Princess 88
  • Gulf Craft Majesty 62
  • Sanlorenzo 62

Majesty 110

“If you want to get a great view of everything, you should get aboard a luxury yacht.”

If you want to host parties or organize special events, go for this 34-meter yacht. It has a spacious deck, large sunbeds, and comfortable seating areas making it perfect to accommodate up to 80 guests. The yacht also features impressive entertainment systems, an equipped kitchen and luxurious bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

Sunseeker Manhattan 55

The size of 17 meters makes this yacht ideal for small groups and family outings. It has a capacity for up to 12 guests for a day trip and offers a stylish interior, spacious flybridge and comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms. There’s also a well-equipped kitchen, a good sound system and many water sports equipment.

Azimut 62S

For those who seek speed and performance, this 19-meter-long boat is great for them. Going by the amazing speed of 36 knots, it takes you to your destination faster than you can imagine. It comes with a modern interior, a huge deck and relaxed cabins with bathrooms. It can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people for a day trip.

Princess 88

This 27 meters long yacht promises you an ultimate yachting experience full of luxury and comfort. You can have up to 8 guests in 4 cabins. The boat has a trendy interior, a big flybridge, a lot of entertainment systems, a fully-equipped kitchen and a variety of water sports equipment.

Gulf Craft Majesty 62

You can experience a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle cruising in this 19-meter vessel that can accommodate up to 20 guests for a day trip. Enjoy the stylish interior, a huge deck, and comfy cabins with bathrooms. There’s almost everything you need in the kitchen. Make the most of the sound system and the water sports equipment.

Sanlorenzo 62

A perfect blend of style and performance, this 19 meters yacht comes with a capacity of up to 12 guests. There’s a spacious deck, contemporary interior and comfy cabins with bathrooms. There’s a fully-furnished kitchen, a brilliant sound system and many water sports equipment.

Benetti Yacht Charter in Dubai

Bask in luxury and go where the waves take you when you book a Benetti yacht charter in Dubai. Marvel at the feeling of the sun on your skin and the sight of endless blue water stretching out all around you while onboard our Benetti charter yacht. Vacations under the warm sun cannot get any better than this.

Who can rent a yacht in Dubai?

Any person who is legally eligible and financially capable to hire a yacht in Dubai may charter one. Yachting introduces you to the beautiful coastline, clear waters, and stunning views of the city. You can either book directly with a rental company or through a charter broker and pick from small motor boats to luxurious mega yachts. 

However, based on the rental company and the type of yacht hire you would need to adhere to some restrictions. You may be required to have a valid boating license or certification. Furthermore, always follow all safety rules and guidelines like wearing life jackets, following speed limits, and avoiding restricted/risky areas.

Experience luxury with rented yachts

Dubai is the city of grand and lavish experiences and renting a boat means leveling your vacation game much higher. It can be a special event or a laid-back day, if it’s on a yacht, it’s a lifetime experience. 

Pick the right one from the discussed yachts that fit well within your budget and purpose and be assured to have a wonderful adventure. But don’t forget to mind the restrictions and laws and always obey the local guidelines for a smooth ride. 

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