What exactly is a MOT test?

A Ministry of Transport, or MOT, Test verifies that your car is roadworthy and complies with DVSA legal safety and environmental standards by examining its general condition and all of its parts. Every vehicle that is used on the road must pass an annual MOT test; it is required by law. The MOT Coalville requires particular testing equipment and must be performed by a vehicle technician who has earned the MOT certification.

2. How can I determine the MOT due date?

A MOT is valid for one year. The very last pass certificate has the expiration date printed on it.

The DVSA does not remind you when your MOT is due to renew, unlike your road tax. 

On the third anniversary of the vehicle’s registration, as well as each subsequent year, you must have your vehicle’s first MOT test performed. Therefore, the first MOT for a brand-new car purchased on March 1, 2019, would be due on March 1, 2022. The following MOT would take place on March 1, 2023, and each year after that.

3. What occurs if my MOT is past due?

If you operate a vehicle on the road without a MOT, you could face a fine of up to £1000.

You may drive your vehicle to and from the test station even if your Tyres Coalville has expired as long as they have the vehicle’s information and it is scheduled in their schedule.

4. How soon before my expiration date must my vehicle be tested?

Up to 30 days well before expiration date, you can still have your car tested and keep the expiration date.

For instance, if your MOT expires on July 1, 2019, the earliest you can get a MOT to maintain the same renewal date for the following year is June 1, 2019. The MOT renewal period for the succeeding year will be different if you complete your MOT earlier.

The expiration date of your performance tyres Coalville, which has a one-year lifespan, is noted on the last pass certificate.

5. What distinguishes a MOT from a service?

The main distinction is that while a service is optional, a MOT is required.

A MOT checks the overall condition of the car and all of its components to make sure it is drivable and complies with DVSA regulations regarding safety and the environment. The mechanical condition of the vehicle is examined to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency.

6. Do my service and MOT have to be completed simultaneously?

No, but many people do this because it’s highly recommended that you get your car serviced once a year.

Naturally, you must have your MOT once a year.

7. What takes place if my car fails the MOT test?

If your vehicle starts to fail the MOT, repairs are necessary before it can once again be considered roadworthy. You must have the vehicle retested after this work is finished, and it must pass its MOT. In under 10 working days of the initial test, John Delany Motors offers free retests.

8. What causes MOT failure the most frequently?

Almost one in five vehicles fail their MOT due to lighting and signaling issues, including relatively easy fixes like blown bulbs. During a MOT, if we see that one of your bulbs is burnt out, we will replace it to keep you from failing.

Tyre pressure and condition are another major area for failure, and 8.5% of all faults involve the driver’s field of vision, which could be caused by washers, wiper blades, or mirrors.

9. If my car fails the MOT test, can I still drive it away?

It is unclear whether you can continue to drive your car if it fails its MOT but the current MOT certificate is still valid. However, since it failed the most recent MOT, we would advise against doing so. When thinking about this, your safety as well as that of other drivers are crucial.

10. What is the price of a MOT?

 Remove any stickers or other objects dangling ahead of the windscreen to ensure that your windshield wipers and washer jets are functioning properly and that you have a precise view of the road.

If the wipers aren’t effectively cleaning the windscreen or your bulbs need to be replaced, we’ll be happy to do so during the MOT Coalville, provided it can be done quickly.

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