What is an operating system and its types?

Every smartphone, computer, or other electronic device is equippes with a specific software known as the operating system. Operating systems are also known to as an OS is the driving force for the utility and functionality of smartphones and computers. There are various kinds of operating systems based on the type of device, the maker and the preferences of the user and, if you are employees or are planning to work in the field of information technology it is essential to know about these systems.

This blog, we’ll discuss the operating systems that exist explain why they’re essential and examine the various kinds of operating systems that are in use currently.

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What is an Operating System?

The most important programme that loads first on a computer when you turn it on is the operating system (OS). A system software is the operating system. Communication between a user and the system occurs using operating systems. This blog post on ” what is operating system” assists users to comprehend different kinds of OS functions, features, features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of OS.

Windows, Linux, and Android are three examples of operating systems that allow users to access applications like MS Office, Notepad, and games on a smartphone or computer. It is requires to have at minimum the operating system on the computer to run programs that are basic like browsers. Learn a no-cost online course on operating systems to improve your knowledge of the concepts.

Types of Operating System

Systems for operating batch

The operating system for the batch doesn’t have any direct connection with the computer. The system is different in that it divides and divides similar tasks into batches for easier processing and quicker response. This operating method is suitable for tasks that are lengthy and take a lot of time. To ensure that it doesn’t slow the device, every user is able to prepare their tasks offline before submitting the task to the operator. Benefits from using the batch operation system are:

  • Many users are able to use batch systems to share.
  • There is very little idle time for batch operating systems.
  • It is now possible to handle huge tasks.
  • It is easy to determine how long it will take to complete.
  • Multitasking, time-sharing or time-sharing operating systems

The operating system that shares time is also known as multitasking OS operates by allocating time to a specific task, and then switching between it often. Contrary to batch systems, the time-sharing system permits users to tasks in the system at the same time. It permits many users to be distributes across different terminals, reducing the time to respond. The advantages of time-sharing operating systems are:

  • The response is quick to task-related performance.
  • It helps reduce the time spent idle by the processor.
  • Each task has a similar chance of being completed.
  • It also reduces the risk of duplicate software.
  • Distributed operating systems

The system is built on computers that are autonomous, but interconnects through communication lines or a shared network. Each autonomous system is equippes with its own processor, which may differ in terms of size and functionality. The distributed OS supports several applications and many clients in real time. Data processing is then disperse across processors.

Network operating systems

Operating systems for network networks are found on servers giving users the ability to manage their data users, groups of users and applications. The operating system permits users to share and access devices and files, such as printers and security software, as well as other programs, usually on a local area networks.

Real-time operating systems

Real-time operating systems offer the support needed for real-time systems which need to adhere to strict time constraints. The time it takes between processing, input and reaction is extremely short which is advantageous when processes are sensitive and require precision. This includes operating missile systems, medical systems, or Air traffic controllers which could result in the loss of life or property.

Mobile operating systems

Mobile operating systems operate exclusively on smaller devices like smartphones tablets, wearables and smartphones. It combines personal computer functionality with other helpful features for a mobile device. Mobile operating systems are activates when the device is turns up to allow access to applications installed. The mobile operating system can also control the wireless connectivity of networks.

Advantage of Operating System

  • It allows you to hide the details of hardware through the creation of an abstraction
  • Simple to use and comes with GUI GUI Offers an environment in which a user may execute programs/applications
  • The operating system has to ensure that the computer system is easy to use.
  • Operating System functions as an intermediary between the applications and hardware components
  • It gives the resources of computers in an user-friendly format
  • Serves acting as an intermediary between the software and hardware in the system.

Disadvantages of Operating System

  • If there is a problem with the OS it is possible to lose everything that has been stores on your system.
  • Operating system’s software can be quite expensive for small-sized companies, which adds to the burden. Example Windows.
  • It’s never completely safe as threats could strike at any time.

Wrap Up

The demand for technology increases every day in the future, and as the younger generations such as Gen Alpha grow up & become part of the workforce, having a good and efficient operating system will be the first priority in any workplace. If you’re planning to pursue an education in IT then now is the perfect moment to start.

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