Z-Card – The Complete Guide To Make You Know Everything

If you’re an interested model, you likely have heard of “z-card” before. But what exactly is it and why do you require one to be a model?

Learn all you must know about z-cards.

What Is a Z-Card?

Z-cards, also known as comp cards (short for a composite card) are akin to the model’s business card. It should contain information such as your body measurements and statistics including your dress size, the size of your shoes, as well as your contact details.

If you’re signed by an agency for modelling the contact information of their agency should be included instead of your personal details. Most importantly, your z-card should include several of your finest photographs to demonstrate your expertise, knowledge, and capabilities as models.

A model should keep a few z-card with them in the event that they come across someone they’d like to stay in touch with or collaborate with. They will give them their card, therefore it’s worth printing several copies and keeping some in your bag at all times. 

You don’t know when you’ll encounter someone who will help improve your career prospects or provide you with new opportunities.

Why Should I Get a Z-Card?

Z-cards are very helpful to promote yourself and find opportunities to work. Models need to network and make contacts. A z-card is an effective tool for helping in this.

Contrary to your modelling portfolio, which you store and permit others to access, a z card is kept by the other party, so they won’t be able to forget your details.

It is possible to give anyone you meet in the industry your z-card which includes photographers and art directors, modelling agency employees, models, and even makeup hair stylists and artists that you collaborate with.

Without a z-card, you are wasting your time looking for the necessary information that you can give to those you wish to keep in touch with.

The business is constantly changing and most won’t be able to take the time and grab a pen and note your information down. Even in the case that they had, a scrappy piece of paper with handwriting won’t be as professional as a top-quality printed card, which is more likely to keep.

Z-cards allow you to give important information at any time. Z-cards can be the first or only contact with someone, so make sure you take time to ensure it’s as perfect as it could be.

Z-Card Layout

Your Z card printing needs to have quality images, not selfies that were taken with a phone. If you’re yet had any experience modelling or taking photos, it’s a good idea to get an experienced photographer to shoot photographs for you during an event.

This will not only provide you with valuable experience behind the camera, but you’ll also be able to pick the most appealing images to showcase on your modelling portfolio as well as on your a4 flyers.

Keep your cards tidy as well as easy for readers. Do not attempt to pack excessive information onto your cards since it can appear messy and unreadable. It is important for the users to be in a position to pick the essential information in an instant.

Additional Extras Available

There are many fancy finishes you can apply on your z-card such as lamination with soft touch to give it that extra edge that makes you stand out. You don’t need to fill it in with a long list of details to keep it to the essential facts and information.

The amount you purchase is yours to decide. If you decide to order greater, you’ll receive higher prices. Part-time models will require less than full-time professionals because they don’t have the same number of people.

It is important for the card to be compact enough to slip into the pockets of customers and yet sufficient to contain all of the necessary details. Make sure to include images that appeal to the people you want to reach particularly if you’re trying to find work in a specific area of modelling (like the fitness industry or plus size).

Make sure to consider details like the thickness of your paper, whether you’d like matte or shiny finishes or other design elements. It may be worthwhile to hire an expert graphic designer or online team to assist you in the design of your cards.

Z card printing produced significant advantages that helped to make it much easier for business enterprises to market their products and services in the marketplace.

A6 Flyers

Here Are A Few Of The Most Significant Advantages That Print Offers:

1. They’re among the most basic yet powerful print materials which help you keep in touch with your customers.

2. They can be easily distribute to your potential customers, and then kept by your clients for use over time, and also as references.

3. They may allow your company to easily interact with your market, and receive more attention.

Below are some suggestions that will help in making the printing cost of your business cards reduced dramatically without compromising their quality:

1. While colour cards are able to stand out above all others and are made, those who are limited on funds have the option of choosing the standard black font on a white card. It is possible to request it to be different by selecting striking letters.

2. Embossed cards are an economical option if you’re printing a huge number of cards. It appears sophisticated; however, it is less expensive than foil stamping. The foil stamping process requires dye to create the stamp.

Be aware of the usual details that must be includ in your card’s print layout: your name and the title, your company affiliation along with the company’s address and contact number as well as web address as well as fax numbers and mobile number and e-mail address.

Offer your prospective customers numerous ways to get to you, without overfilling your credit card. Printers, including Z cards printing, are eager to process the best cards to meet your needs.

The Main Reasons Z Fold Cards Campaigns Perform So Well In These Industries Are As Follows:

  • Small with regard to dimensions (can easily fit into the pockets of your customers)
  • You can easily track ROI with QR codes
  • Can be filled with lots of images and text
  • Reduces the amount of paper waste (more susceptible to being used as a keepsake)
  • Events

There are a variety of ways that Z fold cards can be useful to the event sector. Z Fold cards have the flexibility to serve as guidebooks, posters, as well as pocket maps.

The audience is always eager to open their z-fold cards during events. They can use them to navigate to the venue or to determine the time of their favourite show.

There are endless ways to entice or delight your audience through Z-fold cards. Your audience will never be during an event again, and may even save their Z fold cards as a keepsake for the rest of their lives.


The educational sectors could save many thousands in design, time and printing costs when they switch pamphlets that are large in size to Z-fold cards.

Z fold cards make great prospectuses in the size of a pocket, which can help increase the number of applications that are available for students. Nobody likes carrying around heavy objects and due to Z fold cards being compact and lightweight; they are more likely to not end up straight into the garbage.


Z fold cards are not just lower than big prospectus books or pamphlets but they’re also much more sustainable because they use less paper.

Whatever message you’re trying to put across to the public in the events and education sectors, the 5mm Foamex is an extremely memorable, compact, engaging, and attractive type of printed advertising.

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